Quik Add

July 24, 2019


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Flowchart of the management of Leads is a typical workflow of lead management that perform the sales representatives. The first step in the process is select or register the lead. Here you should have defined advanced searches (see explanation below) and the Quik Add (see explanation below) and place them in the home or control board, since it allows you to quickly select the lead to work and use the functionality of add or view directly from the control panel. You can also filter the lead sales representative has been assigned. Note that you can create new contacts and activities such as phone calls, events, tasks for the registration of the lead as sales representative your next responsibility is to qualify the lead. Qualify the lead involves making contacts, to present, make calls, or schedule meetings in person, at this same stage are created contacts and activities. When qualifies a lead their goal is to determine the level of interest that demonstrates the lead for products and/or services.

If the lead shows a genuine interest in your products and services, must then change the status of the lead, lead-new lead-qualified, you perhaps at this stage to set a follow-up calls and meetings. Now if the leads are not interested in the products or services you can change the status of the lead-new lead to lead-dead. NetSuite provides measures of how many leads are new, many became lead-qualified and there are few lead-dead using KPIS. Now when the lead show interest and change the status of the lead to lead-qualified you start working with the lead to identify any chance that the lead buy us products or services. If you later identify that there is no chance with the lead you can change the status to lead dead. If there is a chance you can create one opportunity in your account from the log of the lead resulting in the automatic conversion of a lead prospect where prospect-qualified automatically changes the status of lead-qualified to this only occurs if you use the functionality of opportunity in your account.