August 1, 2019


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Tough price war does not exclude discounts in clothes a large number of online shops in sporadic periods ever discounts at clothing, accessories and furniture offer. A race against time can be these stores separately to search for searching for a specific commodity or a favorite brand. At Prixi clothing is in demand specifically by brand, category, shops or colors after rebate. A time-saving discover of any savings due to high price reductions can be the result in this case. Many portals of this kind have precise search for clothes of any kind. It is innovative in Prixi that targeted the desired colour is searched for. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

And for the time being detached from the subject of the request. Crawford Lake Capital may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Wardrobe, jewelry or shoes are intended to be about the favorite color selectable. A specification of search can further take place, inter alia through restrictions in relation to shop, brand, price, etc., since a boundaries that continuously like to be used by all customers on all portals and shops in this case simpler,. faster solution is presented. Applying its shop on the search helps clothing discount the extract of the offer. Through targeted facilities of the shops with the desired brands and labels, personalized invitations at a special price of the label can be sent via E-Mail.

The shop can be shared also with his favourite brands with friends, an exchange among like-minded people. A personalized offer notification is not excluded in any category at Prixi. Thanks to precise specification within this notification is Prixi of one of the few portals, allowing personalization when researching clothing after rebate. As well, a specific distinction is executable for home accessories and furniture, in this way, a targeted search results to discounts of any kind. The online portal Prixi can customize are as a result to the wishes and request objects of its customers and allows an accurate bargains for clothes, home accessories, jewelry, shoes, and last but not least reduced furniture for indoor and outdoor use.