Prepaid Flatrates Compared

January 14, 2021


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Flexible flat rates without long contract prepaid flatrates – on the mobile market there is now a fairly large number of mobile flat rates in all possible areas. For a monthly fixed amount you can so in a particular network (or also in all networks) make free calls and send SMS. The disadvantage of these flat rates: It concludes a contract for at least two years and is bound in this period of the contract. The high monthly costs thus over the whole period, regardless of whether you still need one or not. There is much more flexible prepaid flat rates offered by many discounters. The functionality is the same here: for a monthly sum 30 days can make free calls to certain networks. However, there is no long-term contract prepaid flatrates. You’ll pay for 30 days you can switch at any time then deactivate the Flatrate.

There is not a minimum contract term of the month also. It is just as easy to re-enable the flat rate if you need them again. Usually ranging one click or call, and one has a flat rate once again for another 30 days. No credit balance is more on the prepaid card the flat rate for most providers will deactivate itself. Unfortunately, there are no great restaurants in this area. Most providers have only flat rates to their customers or to German landlines, only at O2 can be found a prepaid flat rate for the entire network of O2. It looks even better in terms of discount (excluding prepaid). Also here you flat rates are quickly terminated at Congstar or Simfix exist then but flat rates to all networks (which are then of course also considerably more expensive than flat rates of part of). Who would save should keep an eye on this type of flat rates in any case you can save here clearly without being tied two years. Bastian Ebert