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November 18, 2016


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Software and IT services will grow faster than hardware sales in Poland Jelenia Gora / Poland, 28.02.2012 the European Commission predicts that economic growth in Poland this year will be the highest in the EU. But not for the reason that the Polish gross domestic product amounting to the shoots, but rather because the economies of many EU countries experienced a recession or stagnation. According to the current forecast of the European Commission, the Polish economic growth to reach 2.5% in 2012. The Polish IT market is the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe behind Russia. He was marked by dynamic changes in recent years. In the period 1999-2008 the IT market value of 9.1 billion PLN PLN 27.5 billion almost quadrupled. The market value to 26.5 billion PLN fell in 2009 and 2010 he rose again to about 4.4%. For 2011, an increase of 3% on hardware, 8% to 7% in IT services and software market value was expected.

In the next few years the software and IT services market in Poland is stronger grow as the hardware Division. In the year 2010 amounted to the total order value of the 200 biggest IT contracts in the business sector over 722 million PLN, which meant an increase of 15% compared to the prior year. The highest IT spending accounted for the Polish State Railways (PKP), the State Forestry Office and the Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska). Significant changes are emerging in some sectors of the economy. So, the energy industry is one of the leading industries in the IT technology with ERP systems. The financial and banking sector, where the average lifespan of so-called mission-critical applications is 10 years, can bring in the year 2012 big contracts in the field of software implementations.

In the public sector, held strong changes of value of individual requests from IT. Here, the richest contract in 2010 with around 400 million PLN was twice as high as in 2009. Also increased the average value for smaller IT contracts to almost three times. The health care market is characterized by a few Top players at the Technologization of hospitals and health care facilities. The Polish State performs two comprehensive Informatics in the eHealth, which will run until the year 2015. The attractiveness of the SME sector for IT companies in Poland is high, because every year, many startups emerge and pushing many new companies in the Internet market. The fact that at present still mainly local companies providing IT services to the Polish SMEs, opportunities for market entry foreign companies. To the market situation, market trends, trends, the IT market in Poland for key players on the Polish IT market and Government IT projects our market study “appeared. It presents current market data to hardware, software and IT services, as well as to their categories. The market information enables businesses to make strategic decisions about investments in the Polish IT market. Get more information on market analysis and the Polish IT market by the contact person specified below and on the Website. Since 2004, supports Poland consulting services management consulting market entry, the settlement of companies and the search of distributors of foreign companies in Poland and supplies also need customized market data and market analyses.