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May 9, 2020


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The transfer of a business is a long and complex process. Some leaders want to bring along an expert. Whether accountant or lawyer, the expert often manages several cases of parallel transmission. For him as for all those professionals of transmission, portal-Reprise Entreprise.fr and all portals classifieds Equylibre Group have established a dedicated host. Active for over two years and now leads the Google search on key words, the portal can simply upload an ad to offer its business or its goodwill to assignment. Every month, more than 100 000 potential buyers who visit the portal and more than 3 000 set relationship are made. Insurance to find the right buyer confidential. The home Equylibre PRO allows an intermediary (Office of accountants, lawyers, business, agency board or even real estate agency) ofbenefit from a client account and manage multiple ads on the portals group Equylibre: Enterprises Go-Entreprise.fr, the goodwill on-Sale-Commerce.fr Fund, the sale of real estate on Real Estate-Company . com and office rental on Rent-Bureaux.eu. The advertisements for marketing professionals has been simplified. They are issued in the form of Pack and receive appropriate pricing. These packs ads match the needs of these intermediaries and have a useful life of 1 year. Each listing is valid for 12 weeks and can be embellished with a photo. The home Equylibre PRO allows easy and quick management of these ads and their turnover. Professional transmission or company director wishing to submit your company portal welcomes you and is also available records prepared by our team to guide you and help you copeserenely transmission of your company.