September 24, 2020


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What are the places more attractions for foreign tourists? In main, most of foreign tourists who intend to travel to Russia, choose the capital of Russia as a destination. From the point of view of foreigners Moscow is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities that stands out for its attractions, especially the red square, the Cathedral of St. Basil and other places that are in the center of the capital. The other part enjoys flights and maritime cruisers whose destination is the city of St. may find this interesting as well. Petersburg, which tends to be regarded in Russia as the northern capital.

This capital stands out for its beauty, its suspension bridges that each night give way to ships sailing by the Neva, its museums, etc unlike Moscow all highways in Petersburgo are the more unobstructed because the majority of the population re Russia has concentrated in Moscow. As a result of that there air is purer, less contaminated. In addition to the above-mentioned destinations some foreign tourists prefer traveling by train for Russia from the West to the East, this saying, traverse across Russia by train by the Trans-Siberian and other enthusiasts to cruises, travel by the Volga on the ship although it costs 3550 euro or more. With regard to transport audience in Moscow are circulating bus, troleibuses, trams and the metro which is defined as the underground railroad. Go by bus, troleibus or tram costs 17 rubles.

Go by metro costs more expensive-19 rubles. Tickets are sold at the box office. At the end of the article we need to mention that prices in Moscow are considered as one of the highest in Europe.