Personal Connections And Success

August 20, 2018


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If you pay attention to the great personal brand, you probably notice that these people have extensive personal connections – this is one of the important components of success. I’m afraid of criticism, like many of you have seen that sometimes smart and talented people do not commit decisive action because they fear criticism. Yes, the criticism – it’s not something that brings joy. But it is unlikely there are people who managed to avoid it. And usually happens is that the person become more prominent, the more supporters and simultaneously dissatisfied she finds. This is the eternal rules of existence and activity in society.

And if you decide to operate here, we took into account the related this game circumstances. Personal brand – it is not canonization, and the fear of criticism makes no sense. It is necessary to understand a simple thing – if no one criticizes you – so your presence in the market nobody notices. At the However, the critics sometimes use. Sometimes they help the fact that the free exercise analysis of your activity and show weaknesses.

Therefore, if the criticism is constructive, we can thank for it, and if the destructive – Just ignore it. It is not necessary to join the fray. 5. Are not engaged in the business seems to be the most obvious error. However, the extent to which it is evident to the same extent, it is common. Ironic? Not at all. Even according to the research – the vast majority of people involved in loveless affair.