Periodical Society

July 5, 2017


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The power that the press exerts next to the society and the partnership between entrepreneurs established journalists and governments visibly had been demonstrated in the history of the republic of the country. In the scope of the vehicles of communications the left organizations were shown for the society in general as terrorist groups that they aimed at to take the power of the democratic forces. ' ' Victory was not of the army, was of povo' ' , general Olympio Mouro announced Son to the Periodical of the Commercio of day 04 of April of 1964, mentioning the blow to it, demonstrating how much the periodic amazonenses tendenciaram in the spreading of the notice in the period. Rob Daley often addresses the matter in his writings. One perceives that to speak in democracy in a country where great journalistic companies possess ample tentculos with the power politician are one in such a way contradictory one. During the military period the democratic values had been ranks to the edge of the society, in which the popular classrooms had been not only harmed, as well as a parcel of the classrooms conservatives who did not agree to the authoritarianism of the military. The aggression to the democracy was constant in the Authoritarian State.

At that time it had many voices that were silenced by the tortures and the fear, today these voices had been silenced by a group politician that the media transforms into an unilateral device, where the quarrels that they put in check this neoliberal Brazil are taken off of air in favor of the image of a country that does not exist. In accordance with Gramsci is this, in fact, the paper of the journalist. An executor of the dominant group, mediating its action, divulging them and searching, mainly, the consensus and the spontaneous support of the population. According to Maria Helena Capelato ' ' since its primrdios, the press if imposed as a force politics.