May 16, 2013


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J. Paul Getty, was cited for his formula for success: get up early, work hard petroleum, the strike. I am a great supporter of practice getting up early (and if it isn’t, should probably be). But regardless of when he wakes up, the other two actions in this formula are hard work, and oil strike. The first time you hear this quote ten years ago, I had to laugh, because it seemed that Getty was saying that you have to work hard and expect to have luck. But a decade later, I can see the most relevant meaning, and I’m about to share with you why this concept of Getty, might be what I needed to hear to get everything what you want for the rest of his life; Perhaps more than anything else could ever read. In short, everything boils down to your personal expectations as to whether or not going to the oil strike. That’s all.

There is where it all begins. I can say this because that is how it works the reality is not going to achieve anything if he doesn’t work hard to achieve it. But we are not going to work hard in the first place, unless there is an expectation so strong to have success (or at least succeed in the learning experience). This is just how life. Their motivation to act, and to move forward while the work is done, is directly proportional to his belief that will have success. (Note in the margin: in some cases, belief in success is even necessary in time, can be motivated by the fact of his action will serve a higher cause, as for example a failed protest caused awareness of the public on the road). If this concept breaks up the simplest parties, what you have is this: when you believe with enough force that it will succeed in something, success is virtually guaranteed not because his belief believes the result, but because not be dara up the massive adoption of measures at the level until you get what you want.