September 8, 2013


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Ask yourself, does the theme of your blog revolves around what is offering? O speaks only for talking? Identify your niche market. Considered him an expert on the subject? What general opinion do you find on the internet about him? (2) Product warranties – must know the guarantees it offers, for example time to claim, claim requirements. For example an excellent guarantee of satisfaction provides the customer enough time to test the product and not like it provide the refund immediately. When a trader is very safe for your product provides a complete, immediate satisfaction and no questions asked guarantee. Certain degree of security and tranquility that provides to the purchaser.

3) Methods of payment – usually recommend you make your purchases through PayPal, Amazon or Clickbank. They are companies that have proven reliability in business and provide very secure claims systems. Besides its standards for sellers make you buy through them our money this insured. 4) Testimonials – here you have to be careful. Some sellers manufactured their own testimonies. Not necessarily lying, but offering incentives that lead some people to lie about the true results, only to obtain the reward.

That is why I not fixed in favorable testimony, but rather, in those who have their complaints. Although not necessarily that someone complain, it means that it is not true, you have to weigh such testimony when making a decision. I usually do my search by inserting into the browser theme and associating it with words like scam, fraud, complaints, am not agree, and so by the style. (5) Price my mother taught me good perfumes come in a small bottle and are expensive. That is why if an idea is as good as a pint because undoubtedly it worth its price in gold. If it is offering too cheap it must not be so spectacular. Although this is not the norm for any product, especially digital products, I suggest you have it in mind to not feel disappointed.