Ontological Coaching

October 13, 2010

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However, many centuries before there is a history in India and China authentic concerning contemporary coaching. Recall for example the work Tao Te Ching by Lao Tse, to which I can summarize by saying: a The who knows a lot of others is a knowledgeable, but wiser is he who knows himself is. He who dominates others is strong, but he who masters himself is more powerful a might also mention Confucius, Buddha . A, and many more. Socrates urges all self-examination and self-control which is driving. Question: a Can you trust someone who has no self-control? a Aristotle also says that man can become what you want. You can go from being a I what we call today’s reality, to have to b want to get the vision, objectives. The methodology for this path. Already in the last century, there has been an influence of existentialist philosophy.

The essence of coaching is individual existence determined individual existence existentialism. We have the capacity to become aware of our current reality and consider our own lives. Especially in environments a Hispanic Americans, has had some influence acceptance of Humanistic Psychology through the so-called Ontological Coaching. A HTSP is a type of coaching can affect aspects that seem related to what we call way of being of individuals. At the end of the last century Timothy Gallwey developed a method widespread in the sport which he called The inner game is best defined his own words:


September 29, 2010

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2. Confidence vs. Control People do not just do not like to be controlled, but also that the control is no longer effective. The emotions predispose actions, depending on the emotional why we are being crossed, there are behaviors that are possible and others not. The control is based on the emotionality of the fear that restricts creativity, innovation and learning, people stop taking risks and facing challenges to go unnoticed and abide by the status quo. But the jobs have changed over time, today there is no simple task that this is where you do not have to be taken once a decision or face a challenge.

When that happens you can not always be there, plus you should not be there. The leader’s role is more akin to a conversational character operational again in another article on this point. On the other hand although it may be difficult to admit, most of the time the employees know more of his work that his own boss. So what roads can be opened to what is necessary is done? a) Build the enabling environment for action. The new regulatory systems require a different emotional for the emergence of skills required of new job profiles, talk of independent people who can respond quickly to change, proactive, capable of challenging targets and openness to learning. The emotionality that enables this kind of behavior is trust. b) The manager no longer in control coach focuses on actions and processes to manage results. 3.

The skills missing from their employees or equipment are an indicator of management. How many of us have seen year after year as performance evaluations, there are employees who consistently get low scores and immense opportunities for improvement to put it positively, such cases are resolved by dismissal or job rotation. Another point view that enables you to design actions to improve results is that: one of the indicators of competence as a leader, is directly related to development and learning of his team. The manager coach bet on the potential of each employee, the competent perceive possibilities beyond their present, while working in the gap between their current situation and the situation to achieve. Developing skills is a process of learning. All learning brings with it a small crisis for those passing through it is a movement of deconstruction and reconstruction that involves a level of anxiety and uncertainty. To cope with less resistance is important that the leader will hold its bond and generate an environment conducive to learning without penalizing the error. Under the coaching understand that someone learns when it increases its capacity to act effectively. So for anyone to learn is necessary to create the space for it to work, and occasionally make mistakes, mistakes and successes are well considered valued opportunities to learn. The question of leading the process will point to what is missing, and how I can assist the team to anticipate their breaks, to facilitate their learning and help dissolve the limitations?

Why Choose Horizon?

August 26, 2010


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Given that there are so many different business coaching firms from which to choose, what specifically does Horizon Business Coaching have to offer in the way of professional expertise, business development, and general advancement?

First, our company has been around since the early 1990s so we have stability to offer our clients.  We are here to stay.  We know what we’re doing and we have a proven track record.

Second, our coaches are extremely experienced in a variety of industries.  Having worked with people from accounts to design; home improvement to management and pretty  much everything in between, our team is well-equipped to coach in most fields.

Third, we are loyal and trustworthy.  We have testimonials and additional references on request.  We fundamentally desire the best for all of our clients.