Suzano Entrance

September 23, 2012


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Daniella, that also folloies the petrochemical sector, already passed for Shell Brasil.Acertos in 2005 For 2006, have a positive vision for Aracuruz, with the entrance of capacity of Veracel and with prices of cellulose in high platforms. We believe that the entrance of new plants in Chile alone must impactar the market in 2007. We have a neutral vision for VCP and Suzano. With heating of the internal economy, electoral year, didactic book purchase for the government and Pantry of the World, these companies tend to improve its mix of sales. However, the price I domesticate of the paper (P For the third consecutive time, Peter Baptist took the prize of better analyst of electric energy. It has eight years in the Pactual Bank, Baptist also is analyst of the sanitation sectors, highways, railroads, oil and gas. As well as its colleague Daniella Guanabara, it worked in Shell Brazil, the area of financial planning.

Rightness in 2005 Of general form, the performance of the electric sector in the year of 2005 was positive, the index of the sector (IEE) valued 37% against 24% of the Ibovespa. This movement happened, as we foresaw, in function of: good tarifrias revisions, growth of market, entrance of more companies of quality in the market, excellent improvement of the pointers of the companies and implementation of the new model of the sector. In relation to the specific papers, we stand out> the action went up 50% against 23% of the Ibovespa.Projees economic for 2006 We are optimistical with performance waited for the electric sector in the next year. This favorable expectation for the sector must: (1) consolidation of the new sectorial model with prominence for the auctions of new energy ; (2) beginning of the movement of sectorial consolidation, mainly in the sectors of transmission and distribution; (3) increase of the interest for the sector in function of the entrance of new companies in the market; (4) growth of the yield of the companies.

Pablo Content

September 3, 2012


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The dialogue is then the base of the method of Freire, but what it is the dialogue? The dialogue is a communication relation deintercomunicao, that generates critical and the problematizao, a time that is possvela both the partners to ask: ' ' why? ' '. It nourishes itself of the hope, daconfiana, of the humildade and the affection. The antidialogue capaz not to generate the critical one, therefore for being arrogant, desamoroso, self-sufficient, generates the fear that intimidates and alienates. Of where instead of communicating anti-dilogofaz communicated. But when analyzing better the human phenomenon of the dialogue, we evidence the necessity to analyze the word as more than what a way paraque the dialogue if makes, therefore the word ' ' disciplina' ' it loads in itself one I make rancio deautoritarismo and of dialogue lack that was common in the behavior of the geraesanteriores. Freire evidences the two constituent dimensions of the word: action ereflexo. The true word is prxis transforming an example very citadopor Pablo and cited as example for Barreto (1985, p.61) in its workmanship is that aeducao can contribute so that the people if accomodate to the world where she vivemou if they involve in the transformation. The content of the dialogue justamente the content programmarian of the education.

already in the search of this contedodeve to be the present dialogue. The banking educator defines the content antesmesmo of the first contact with the educandos. This I dialogue considered for PauloFreire, has as base: the love to the world and the people; the humildade; the faith naspessoas; the hope; true thinking; they are these criteria for a dialogocritico bases for the same, therefore the dialogue, that implies a pensarcrtico, is Only capable, also, to generate it. For the educadorlibertador, this content is the organized, systemize devolution eacrescentada to educating of those elements that this delivered to it of formadesestruturada.

Domestic Economy

August 13, 2012


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But the use of a market economy, would take in extending its benefits to all the Earth corners. The concept is obvious applicable to our dear Argentina. Our own experience and the realised studies, suggest to us by long periods, an important strip of population was outside the reach of the benefits of the market economy. In many cases the benefits would even arrive partially and will be necessary to go to other methodologies for the subsistence. This situation of deficiency, could be solved gradually, if the return of a concept were promoted that seemed filed almost in the corner of the memories: I talk about the Domestic Economy. Perhaps this concept, little says to them to the minors of forty years; and mainly to those of that strip etaria that live in the great cities.

Nevertheless, there were a time in which in the homes, and especially, but the humble ones; poultries grew up; inlays and conserves became; the clothes were woven and made, horneaba the bread, and thus in similar form, the families almost autoabastecan themselves. Soon the industrial society arrived (in fact in the majority of the Argentine localities only it arrived fragmentarily and almost caricaturescamente). It supposed: that almost all the economically active population; it would have a stable use in the commerce, the services or the industry. Another assumption was that the remunerations that were perceived by those uses reached to maintain with honor the respective families. In an important measurement, this was fulfilled during decades, for an immense majority of the Argentine urban homes.

That way subsisted in the rural areas to solve the problems to " casero" " , and never got to have fixed uses for all. But these groups, that never left of to be numerous, they were considered marginal. The thickness of the population went away adapting to you rule of consumption of the industrial society (some called " American way of life"), and &quot was left; culture of the caretaker.


August 7, 2012



READING BENJAMINIANA: BETWEEN THE EYE AND THE OBJETOFANTASMAGRICO, THE CLICK OF THE FINGER. Adriana Soares de Souza 1 Introduction Our rented coffees and our streets, our offices and nossosquartos, our stations and our plants appeared to imprison-nosinapelavelmente. (Benjamin, 1993) Breaking itself of a benjaminiano look, the objective destetrabalho is to try to present a possible reading enters a system of linguagemcaracterstico of the literary expression, a story of Clarice Lispector to menormulher of the world 2, and other, characteristic of the expressocinematogrfica, a film of Paul Auster 3 smoke Curtain. In this manner, the object of this work is configured in two ' ' tipos' ' different, even so the complex relations between literature and cinema are mltiplase, characterized for one strong intertextualidade: one produto of an art that if it uses of the written word, and the other, of images. importante that if says that, the new way to see the world and to represent it seinstaurou from the invention of the camera, either the literary ones as the romance or the story, are the formasvisuais, as the cinema and the television direct or is indiretamentearticuladas in secular sequences, does not matter if linear, if truncated, inverted or interpoladas.’ ‘ 5 However, if the time in literature sedistingue of the space, in the cinema ‘ ‘ the time, that is invisible, is filled as busy space for sequences of images visveis’ ‘ 6, that is, noocorre the inseparabilidade of time and space, a time that one does not exist without the other. Made the exceptions, I will initiate the work with the Benjaminiana vision on ascausas and consequences with> advent of the techniques of reproduction and, naseqncia, the imaginary world of the cinema; a possible reading of the images dofilme e, finally, a possible reading of the story: one to look at marketing dojornal. ' ' Techniques of reproduction: Benjaminiana vision In the assay the work of art at the time of suareprodutibilidade Benjamin technique goes to revitalize, exactly, percepoe the experience, or still, the central point of this study meets naanlise of the causes and consequences of the destruction of ' ' aura' ' queenvolve the works of art, while only objects.

European Union

August 5, 2012


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The first passage in this matter will have to be to retire our retirement is worth the reiteration of the DOG. The second, obvious our entrance to the Mercosur, the one that would be approved without misfortunes for being a democratic government the one asks for who it. To discuss tariffs, to make list of products, to establish exceptions, is a work that we can call annoying, but indispensable in an integration process. My proposal is that once we are in both of integration organizations our country becomes an effective bridge of conjunction of both in tries of common market that it makes specific, finally the integracionistas yearnings. The relations with Colombia must be privileged. He is useless to abound in the reasons, but I must add an element: Venezuela must leave towards the Pacific in tries of an Asian vocation. Almost the same day that demanded this urgent action as President Santos spoke of the construction of a great railroad that would grant to Venezuela that condition.

Perhaps it will have to be come to the preliminary studies with urgency and to think about the port on the Colombian coast as a joint product. Between Colombia and Venezuela it has been talked much and the ideas remain in the paper. That exit towards another ocean of our country will have, without doubt, much supply of financing, special way in the hungry Asian countries that quickly run in search of new positionings parea their economies. That railroad, therefore has said president to it Santos, could be considered an alternative to the very same Panama Canal. But there is another project that it has centuries in the speculation, already thought by the Liberating Parents, and are of the fluvial integration of the continent.

Some studies have been done, but it is clear that we will be able to construct to the road network of water connecting our rivers and turning them into the most spectacular freeway so that our products travel in all the senses. That is a challenge That there is to assume. It will have to assume the new democratic government. Finally it seems to me that in this field we have privileged relations towards Europe not always satisfactory. I insist on which we ahead have the Dutch Antilles, each now with a special statute, but that, in my opinion, are the correct route for our approach, for our commercial approach with the European Union. Educative Emergencia and fast process of understanding with the towns of America. I propose it. original Author and source of the article.

Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Books

July 12, 2012


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Two years passed before the first “Harry Potter” volume was published with a circulation of only 500 copies. Then it went in quick succession: An American publisher auctioned the U.S. rights to the book for an amazing $ 105,000, offers a more ran the second book was already launched then with 10 150 copies in the UK. From the third world public opinion has become final clairaudience. The 7th and last volume now, six volumes of Harry Potter Experiences come to market.

In 63 languages, they have been issued: These include not only Chinese, Russian and Japanese, but also to Zulu! The seventh volume will be released soon. Potter fans can not wait and are afraid of JK Rowling could make her favorite die in the last volume. Joannes literary models on the first book published was not advertised Joannes first name, because boys supposedly do not like to read books by women. The spelling of “JK Rowling” was then still retained. The film rights for their books JK Rowling has sold only under the condition that it is not a cartoon, that no American actors play the roles – they are negotiating from a say on the script. For a band it takes about a year – and that was still fast. In addition to the Harry Potter books, she has also written two other books: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Quidditch Through the Ages”. The fee for these two books is the British organization “Comic Relief” for aid projects around the world benefit.

Rowling’s favorite author, the English novelist Jane Austen (1775-1817) and the Irish novelist and screenwriter Roddy Doyle (born 1958). She writes, still love their designs by hand. Private luck in the second attempt, the brilliant 2001 children’s book author has married for the second time: This time the doctor Neil Murray, with whom she has two children: David Gordon in 2003, Jean Mackenzie, born 2005th They live with three children in Scotland. In an interview with, it was asked why she wanted to be a writer. Your answer: “If someone would ask me for the recipe for happiness, step one would be to figure out what you do best, and step 2 to find someone who paid the one for it. I consider myself fortunate to be able to actually live by writing. “You want to quit after the seventh tape allegedly yet to write, because they abhor the hype, the order book since the success they is made.

References Work

July 3, 2012


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Through the technological innovation today we have diverse ways to control and to prevent the ambient impacts caused by the antrpica action, even so they have some options for this, the economic difficulty is visible in determined regions, what it not only harms the nature but also the humanity inclusa in this biodiversity. The deficiency in this aspect evidences the probability of ambient catastrophes as it has happened, diverse the forms of pollution contributes considerably for this. It has? if observed socioeconmicas campaigns of responsibility that stand out the idea of a renewal of ambient concepts, the companies have searched with this to remain themselves lined up to the standards of Ambient Management, in accordance with the demanded norms many of them if they use of the sustainable planning, diminishing the impacts caused for its exerted activities, repairing, controlling and preventing consequences to the environment and the economic development of its administration with activities of handling, reforestation, credits of carbon and ambient education among others. These attitudes are part of what if it can call necessity of survival of the species human being, are arrived the hour of to react ahead of the challenges that the nature imposes in them, the market not only demands norms adjusted techniques, but the population demands, underneath of a chaos lived for the lack of respect for the species human being in search of the growth to any cost. One knows that the natural resources are renewed and you did not renew, but until when these they can deliberately be used by the action of the man? To know the consequences as we have made is alone the start, but she is necessary more. To work the Ambient Education as a form to prevent is most important, a re-education from the daily pay-school can in them bring good results the medium and long run. Taking to the common knowledge not only the problematic one, but the solutions we can get resulted positive, searching the participation of the community, implanting systems of Ambient Management, co-ordinating campaigns of socioambiental responsibility, influencing the conscientious consumption and participating continuously of the interest and the necessities of the population we can make the difference offering quality of life and emphasizing the certainty of a better future. Comment: According to living, requested the municipal city hall as well as the rank of communitarian lixeiras and maintenance in the plumbing of sewer without success had been measured of collect of the garbage. I entered in contact with the Secretariat of the Environment requesting a visit be set appointments, in the next week I will make the collect of signatures of the community and its claims with intention to take to the knowledge of the responsible agency the basic necessities of the local community. References Work carried through in the region through research given with analysis of the place and community; Dated photographs of 17/04/2009.

Brad Bushman

June 27, 2012


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Certainly the program of the returns the sender, therefore already is remained in air has some years. However some studies point that scenes of sex and violence can not be well accepted for the viewers, in average stated period. ' ' Big Brother' ' it does not present scenes of explicit sex rare and if it saw violence physical, but they are common scenes that insinuate sex of edredons underneath. The physical violence does not become gift, but verbal offences, with use of words of low calo are common. In commercial terms, what initially it can be lucrative for the sponsors of these programs, can thus not be so lucrative in the end. According to consulting Carlos Alberto Frank Di (2004) citing one searches of the University of Iowa (U.S.A.) ' ' the points of hearing conquered by the senders of TV with the exhibition of violence and sex scenes can represent a mirage for the market publicitrio' '. Still according to Frank Di, the study &#039 detected a double action of the calls; ' screens quentes' ': at the same time that they attract viewing more, them they inhibit the memory of the public in the hour of the commercial interval.

According to professor Brad Bushman, coordinator of the Violence research and Sex Impair Memory will be Television Ads (Violence and Sex Harm the Memory for Announcements of Television), ' ' the propagandas propagated in programs without sex and violence, what we call? neutral? , they have more? recall? of what the shown ones in the interval of films and seriados with these elementos' '. In other words we can say that these types of programs leave its ignorant viewers. In accordance with the site NotciasBR, in the edition of 2011 the program of estria of ' ' Big Brother' ' it reached 35% of average hearing, surpassing 2010.

Complete Community

June 23, 2012


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The oil of argn is a product that is very used at present, all know its history and that is extracted of the fruit of the tree of argn, which many do not know is that the women extract who it they destine great part of his gains to the education of they themselves and of its children as well as to the improvements of its communities. Aside from which when applying the oil of argn for the face, the well-known benefits of anti-wrinkle and a very effective reafirmante of the skin are obtained already, when consuming the oil of argn you will be helping to improve the situation of the women bereberes of Morocco. In order to understand good this has to know that women bereberes live in class in that man is unique that has absolute right, woman is considered like junior all their life, that is to say while this bachelor lives under the dominion and the trusteeship on the father and the brothers to those who it must obey and serve, once marrying the woman must completely serve its husband, is not so simple that a woman manages to obtain use but is like domestic employee. The women bereberes discovered that its secret of beauty was the best ally than they could have, when giving it to know the world, the world-wide population began to use most frequently to the oil of argn and in it they saw the possibility of gaining the life with which they knew and they knew to do very well, to extract this oil, so they abrieron cooperatives to commercialize to the famous liquid gold of Morocco, at the outset realized that stops to manage to handle a business was necessary to read and to write, is for that reason that destined part of their gains to their own education, later they realized that their children were the future of their nation and so that its situation changed had to educate a their children therefore have abierto to schools for the children bereberes sponsored by the cooperatives of women who extract oil of argn. The women have been progressing and with them its communities, reward not only with food for its families but with education is incredible like its arduous work and the hope of a better future, although at the moment a little has been mechanized semi the system of extraction of the oil of argn, the most difficult work that he is the one to extract the seeds of his hard envelope continues doing in a flat stone by hand and this is what it makes so difficult east process, even so these untiring women continue working with the hope of its daughters has a life better than they. It is for that reason that whenever you apply to your oil of argn for the face or the hair, it remembers that not only these benefitting and preserving your beauty, these helping to a complete community and women who are changing by far to effort their situation.

Wholesale Distributors Advice

June 20, 2012


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The search of wholesale distributors is a great way to promote its business, since these will allow him: To increase its channels of distribution with a minimum of risks; to find people experience that they can help him with strategies to expand his business to new markets and to obtain credibility. Through this writing, you will learn on the best forms to find wholesale distributors for his products and services. You need to find distributors wholesale of much confidence, who will know like selling their supplies of the best way and in the wished place, of this way, you will be able to distribute his products to a great number of places. This is extremely important because they will represent these it you and his company, therefore dede to make sure they do that it of appropriate form without dimming it. To attend commercial fairs is an excellent way to find and to meet personally with potential wholesale distributors.

In the commercial exhibitions you can know more companies, know them thoroughly, meet with his equipment, knowledge on its external commercial relations and to know its potential to represent to him in new markets. Another one of the ways to find a strong concentration of wholesale distributors is in the duty free zones. Through these, the companies pay or nothing in taxes little. Therefore, the process of import and export become easier and more profitable for the usuary companies. These zones can be very easily in pa? ses of Latin America. Vestibules B2B are one of the most efficient methods to find distributors wholesale. This is obtained entering these sites and publishing supplies of purchase or sale.

In this way, you inform to him to potential partners what you look for, giving like result, the contact on the part of interested his through electronic mail. Also, these vestibules act like a connection between potential manufacturers and distributing wholesalers. In addition, they can offer a great comfort him, since you can accede during the 24 hours of the d? to, the 7 d? ace of the week. Like it has seen, can be very easy to find distributing wholesalers. Although it takes a little time to find some distributor him wholesale that one adjusts to his needs, of insurance will be worth the pain his efforts, because its company will be able to extend its channels of distribution with a considerably low risk. Original author and source of the article.