March 26, 2013


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(1) Coaching works if there is commitment of the personnel involved and the company who adopts him; but it will be provechado and it will yield fruit if participants are able to innovate will reinvent itself, ultimately getting to really know, which it does not stop being authentic, instead power it is. Coaching should allow individuals, executives or managers, to find its factor of elasticity or flexibility, which enables them to adapt to changes in the environment that affect the Organization, its position and its potentialities, so, people of yesterday or today must not be the same in in the following years, because its capabilities have been enhanced. All successful or in pursuit of success, people may resort to a coach (in fact all need you), but are precisely this type of people who are able to better leverage this training process, because success is not sustainable if it ceases to be. The people with positive attitude always demand more, know they must be more effective and not afraid to accept help achieve it. As an athlete trains endlessly, they focus on raising their competitiveness against increasingly demanding positions.

Leading people, who are more interested in participating in courses and seminars, have the impetus to learn and know to continue growing as persons and as executives. They are those who take the best advantage of the experience of having a coach who helps them to focus on their skills and strategic strengths as well as weaknesses and areas for improvement. On the other hand, professionals and executives after their training process, are able to enhance the capabilities of its partners and the company. A very important detail, is what happens when executives learn from see their capabilities and compare them with each other, taking into account its natural sphere of development and how much of the comparative is possible to copy it to develop it and encourage it to be more effective.

Executive Coaching

March 20, 2013


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Another important aspect, which should take into account when selecting strategies that facilitate learning in the Coachee and that as a result, there is a change in terms of its linguistic, emotional appearance and body guard relationship with assumptions or principles of adult learning which must enter the Coach in his models of coaching: adults with a positive concept of themselves (or descriptions to fence themselves) learn best if you feel less threatened by a learning situation. Establishing a climate of confidence and mutual respect through a Feedback and a commitment to genuine with the agenda and needs of the Coachee, the tutor can encourage and support learning. Coaching is related to the development and empowerment of the strengths of the individual. It should be the Coach to use techniques that enhance and promote resources that the pupil uses in the Alliance. The experiences successes and past failures, and preferred learning methods are part of the resources and experiences of the coachee. Sometimes the cochee is not able to determine your specific needs in a context of personal, corporate or Executive Coaching. One of the functions of the Coach is to give the opportunity to assess and clarify their needs in the current circumstances.

This can be done in several ways, which include the analysis of values, dissatisfaction and aspirations, as well as the consideration of things that should be changed or the verification of formal requirements in the scope of a specific situation of private or working life. Coaching should not remain ever in the hypothetical sphere, but that its field of action is always linked with practical issues and real life. One of the functions of the guardian/coach is to ensure that the ward’s opportunities to apply what has been commented on and learned in coaching sessions to the situation in real life, and control, give and receive Feedback on the practical application of new or improved techniques and capabilities.

Executive Coaching

March 7, 2013


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There are solutions so the companies interested in this technique to benefit and not continue in this traditional model management where it rests on the ability of the manager who is only for specifying, ordering, coordinate and, particularly, monitoring the performance of workers. The application of this technique would be of great benefit for companies, especially for SMEs, since by their characteristics, they tend to hire a few managers. If this technique is applied in SMEs would have the great advantage of having a Manager highly qualified, able to solve a lot of problems and with a great vision of the present and the future of the company. The manager would be able to identify obstacles which limit the performance of people dissolve them. This manager who will in turn a Coaching will know to build confidence, sense of responsibility and commitment, capacity for learning, impeccability in performance and creativity. The Executive Coaching adopted correctly enables human resources be more effective by coordinating actions, develop standards of impeccability, be capable of generating work teams in higher levels of commitment to the mission and objectives of the company, stimulate the creation of a learning environment for excellence, learn the proper handling of conflicts and relate from a new base ethical, personal, business. It is a development tool of executive officers is carried out through a system of personal and professional advice for the subsequent impact in the organization.

This system provides information, knowledge, skills, references, collaboration and advice. Executive coaching objectives include to the Steering both professionally develop as personally (i.e. develop the 8 habits of the steering) to achieve optimal as a Manager or executive functioning and that this custom development have an impact at all levels in the company. Among the advantages of the executive coaching can be cited: 1. the first and most important advantage of coaching is your own condition of bis bis: u the Executive feels put in evidence, as it can occur in the trainings in group, and fear that suimagen compromised when talking about your doubts, disappears.

Tourist Packages Sale

February 22, 2013


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The Vip Latino membership is the key to gain access to more than 2,700 destinations paying up to 93%. You hardly find in competition a big benefit for your next vacation. All those who already get our Membresia Vip will not have to pay list prices which have hotels and resorts. Now they pay a lot less! One of the first questions that are made many of our customers, when they hear for the first time of this opportunity is how we can offer such low prices and be a real offer. If it is also his question, here we explain the reasons: is very common in the world of tourism which sold lodgings in hotels and resorts luxury for just the cost of the tax.

This way they make sure – out season – its most complete facilities and, as a consequence, move more revenue with domestic consumption that these people can make. As you will figure it out, the hotels outside high season have practically the same basic operating costs. They will have to pay to its employees, taxes and expenditure of energy and phone (which although the latter will obviously minor, will always exist). And as we all know, they have a much lower than peak season flow of visitors. Then, it is the same offer these rooms just by cost price (some even offer them free and you must make a minimum consumption), to have them free and generate absolutely nothing. It is a smart way to earn income (by concept of consumptions that those guests will surely) who, otherwise, would have not obtained them. In addition, they are advertising free, because such persons if they are well served, probably will return in another chance, or will recommend the hotel to friends, relatives, etc. how promotes it these hotels and resorts? One of the ways of doing this is through tourist intermediaries, which catered to reach such offerings to the final consumer (the general public).

EuropSus Marketing

February 10, 2013


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Or may not be Marketing Online announces the appointment of Stephan Rodriguez Enqwall as new director of business for Scandinavia Stephan Rodriguez Enquall brings extensive experience having held various positions in large companies in Sweden and Finland. Stephan has professional qualities that make it ideal to lead the process of internationalization of or may not be Marketing Online in Scandinavia. Scandinavia business will develop from the central headquarters or may not be in Sweden both serving customers in Sweden and Norway, Finland and Denmark. Or may not be Marketing Online, is a Spanish company with a clear international vocation. It seeks to apply the success of its business model in Spain to other European countries. For more information: or may not be Marketing Online Calle Fernan Gonzalez, 4428009 Madrid Tel: 914009058 about being or not being Online Marketing: be or not be Marketing Online is a company specializing in the promotion of Internet business that offers integral services yourmarketing online. In Spain has two offices two offices and more than 30 employees, with a gross margin of more than 1 M in 2010… Currently has more than 1,200 customers in all EuropSus services include: – Google Adwords – networking social campaigns positioning Web – management – communication Online – reputation Online – website of employment.

Online Business

January 17, 2013


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For a time this part has become the Internet as one of the essential means to generate revenue and profit through an Online business. But what kind of businesses on the Web exist? Do if you want to embark on Internet business, that business would be best suited for it, if you don’t know exactly what are the modalities for business on the Web? Below I show you alternatives to Online businesses that can be found on the network, and that even though there are many more, I think that those described below, are the most important: sell products and services online selling products is the way to make money on the most common network.There may be many modalities for this type of business on the internet: from broker to create and sell their own products. Having an own product is ideal because you can get 100% gains. If you don’t have an own product, would more convenient purchase one with 100% resale rights included, allowing you to stay with the all sales.Trying to find the product which could be perceived as different, unique, special and which are difficult to find in the traditional world. Benefits.-the implement sales over the internet can be handled a self paced. You can get products to resell them and make a profit. Products are available 24 hours without the need for a physical facility open.

And most important: under economic risk. Invest very little money trying out new ideas that if they don’t work in the long run, money is not lost. Disadvantages.-by the excessive supply and demand for products, many times one can choose products to sell, which are not of quality which will make us lose credibility and few sales in our Online business. The competition on the Internet is very large which can be a disadvantage if we not propose an appropriate and unique marketing strategy.

Villegas Director

January 11, 2013


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A question was born in my head one day: how to generate extra income? And in my quest to find the best answer started to look and I thought: he who seeks finds. Let me tell you as it was my start in this new world. Like many other people, I was looking for opportunities to generate revenue extras to my pockets and being able to be more relaxed at the end of each month. I gave the task of looking at newspapers, magazines, books and internet. Any means of information that give me a guide to achieve my goal, more revenue.

Suddenly, to be surfing the internet I realize there is a myriad of opportunities to generate revenue and addition from the comfort of my home, without heads or schedules with the ability to generate residual income. It was so much different information that was every day that I was confusing, the doubts I harassed and didn’t know which business opportunity might be the best for me. I am another who thoroughly investigate every opportunity and seek the opinion of others with more road Tour than I. The experience of others helped me a lot and follows me and it will continue to help always. I learned, that a business on the Internet is not a hobby, but something seriously and as such required to cover a learning curve, learn new terms and techniques, learn about tools that would facilitate my work, I communicate with people and motivate me constantly. Then I had to train me, learn each day, step by step, little by little, and understand that training is constant. I had to organize me, disciplining me and put me in the head that if I applied this can be my gateway to the quality of life that both wish.

If you have the anxiety of starting a business on the internet let me give you the following tips: 1. investigate the different ways of making money online. There are many ways of doing this (blogs, advertising, digital files, MLM, affiliate programs, etc.), learn more about each of them so that they have a broader choice vision. 2. The way to advertise offline is different from the online. Know and learn how to use the tools to make marketing on the internet (blogs, social networks, payment) per click, marketing with videos, auto replies, mail marketing, etc. 3. Learn something new everyday and apply it. Nothing serves to collect information if you don’t use, Ponte in action. 4 Spend at least 2 hours daily. As every business requires your part time, is constant and time spent in the. 5 Organizes each day. If you’re going to devote two hours a day plan them with activities specific, so you can be more productive. Well, I hope that this information will be useful, but it is important that you put it into practice because you will thus be more interesting.

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January 4, 2013


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Have we many times to open the home mailbox have thought that too many business letters are sent? Climate change is on everyone’s mind and, on many occasions, this excess paper may worry consumers by the uncertainty posed by not knowing exactly the life expectancy of the Earth’s natural resources. Every day, citizens are constantly receiving messages about the importance of recycling either in the media or in the advertising campaigns of public administrations. Although in recent decades the Spaniards we have conscious in this practice, the global figure is still not enough. Unfortunately, the good work of some will view overshadowed by lack of awareness of many others, that continue ignoring the problems caused by us, and will result in the very near future, the feared climate change. According to a report for the first quarter of 2011, published by Eurostat, the EU Statistical Office, Spain is below the average of the European Union as regards waste recycling even though it generates more than the average of the set of all 27 Member States. Specifically, each Spanish produces 547 kilos of garbage, of which 82 are just recycled a year. More than half of the total (52%) ends up in landfills. And it is not enough that the effort is made only from public administrations, but that it is necessary that each one of us, to the extent of its possibilities, try to become a more sustainable person.

Despite the disappointing data, there is a positive aspect and that our country reduced the volume of waste sent to landfill compared to the data of the previous year by five percentage points. The light is also seen also at the end of the tunnel upon hearing the news that Spain is one of the countries leading recycling of Tetra Pack containers worldwide. So, the question is does are we sustainable with some waste and others not? The shift of companies focusing on the recycling of paper companies, by all it is well known that, just apply common sense a great number of impressions would be reduced.

Starting a New Business

January 3, 2013


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It is a fact, time flies, and we must make the most, is common that when you take a project or business, you want to start it already. Before this I I invite you reports and make a budget of time and money on the topic, not nadamas I i.e. do if you do this is likely to finish echo (a) a mess and not decide where begin, since even you’re eager to start a business, you must also take into account a fundamental factor to help you achieve your steps lead to a goal made. And what I’m talking about is plan that without a doubt this is the best process so you set goals and choose the way or means to achieve them. Let’s look at the points most important to take into account before you decide to take a business online or a project in the future related to the topic in this case. We measure time-how long these willing to dedicate to your project, this translates to hours in front of the computer here should make an itinerary of your day and devote many hours to your business and respect them, do that every hour surrender. To find resources.-is necessary to investigate that tools, resources, and strategies are going to lend a hand so that you start with firm steps and in this way will you provide a little more start your goal, remember to make your solid bases. Knowing how much money should invest-perhaps the more important of all and that stops many entrepreneurs, since they are scared when they hear this word, when it is more simple to know with how much money accounts and thus start by thing more indispensable that this example could be, having a blog to get to know your business if you want to know that you need to have it go here but you also know that investing in your training is essential and in this way you help your business to grow more and more, remember what you learn well never forgets.

Chronic Creature

December 31, 2012


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The FRIENDLY DOMA the adestramento of any type of animal must be made thus if it does not impose for the violence. The necessary adestramento to establish a reliable bond, cannot unanimously be practised only by the command submission. Practical violent they can cause irreversible traumas. We need to remember that all training of animals is a human whim proceeding from our demonstration of being able, that it satisfies our search for domnios. It tries to imagine only per one minute, a giant or any another enormous creature trying to compel to it to make something through threats and imposing the terror and beating to it, so that you make something that not even knows what it is, because you do not obtain to still understand. How to defend of a creature so frightfully bigger whom people? Today you are the tamer, perhaps carrasco, but if you were the domado one you would be just the punishment and the violence that you impose the other creatures of God? A leadership for the volume of the voice, but for the wisdom of the words is not exerted