Good Luck Spells

April 2, 2019


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Spells good luck are also used increasingly more often, by people who feel that bad luck accompanies them. If you want the luck be with you performs the following spells, good luck and you will see how your life will change. One of the spells good luck more effective: tools: incense for protection, cone, blue candle, pen and paper. Ritual: Preparing your work area through the creation of tools that you can use in addition to your candle spell. Imagine what they want. Just before your work, bathe in purifying herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you banas you, concentrate on the purpose of your spell again.

Don’t let negative thoughts come into your mind. After a swim, go to your workspace. Cast a circle. Light protection incense. Imagine a big ball, pale blue of the light surrounding you in your work area.

Holding the blue candle between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes, and directs all your energy into the candle. Open your eyes and put the candle in its support. On a small piece of paper, write what you want. Place this piece of paper underneath the candle. Before lighting the candle di: this candle represents good luck that will come to me lights the candle and say: as light this flame that grows, I see good luck to my around sit and watch as the candle burns. When the candle has burnt out 1/3 di: as the flame of the candle which dissipates with time, good luck will be mia continues doing your meditation, anticipating the ball of light blue light to your around. Imagine how you will be when your good luck. When the candle has blown two-thirds, repeats: as the flame of the candle dissipates over time, good luck will be my continuous meditating as the candle burns. When the candle has blown almost completely, extract the piece of paper. Repeats the assertion: as the flame of the candle which dissipates with time, good luck will be mine shuts off candle by blowing on it and anticipating also the bad luck of being swept by his breath. After the remnants of wax has cooled, remove it and bury them near your home. This is one of the spells good luck most recommended, don’t do it.

Superior First

April 1, 2019


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Here I reiterate what I said at the beginning, the first two points allow us to the third point and even imagine that when one learns to correctly apply the law of attraction, continue to implement the two first items remain us grateful with Superior intelligence and this us closer to him, which will ensure we continue to keep the faith that enables us to believe in ourselves and in others. Well, so far I came along three parts that I divided this article to two conclusions which summarize them below: the first: that our large wishes get them working together with one or more other people. The second: that to achieve this previously must learn to have good thoughts and to help each other, the stranger, not only that have side and that is our friend. At the beginning of this article to express that he was going to ask me a question then deepen the concept I want to deal with these analyses. So now I come to deepen this concept which is the resultant of the FIRST CONCLUSION: If we obtained benefits working unconsciously asking the same wish with that person than me or you had or have the side, whether in the family, at work or among friends, what would happen if already consciously you applied with whom he formed that team that knowledge, looking for a common to both desire for specifically requested and needed by both? Also would come true, in the same way that applying such a procedure in the unconscious form?. And if so, how we choose or put in first place common to both desire?. Because if that hypothetical desire on which we want to work is not above all in consideration of both persons; the that (this desire applied to computer) has it located in second place, will unconsciously show lack of faith. Andrew Cuomo has much to offer in this field.

And on the other hand the other person who imposed the desire, will be by counterpart showing lack of humility by wanting to impose its desire, which at that time is not the desire most of all persons who are working at that moment on that computer. Then this question is resolved in only one way: experimenting, I by my side and you for yours. From now and hereafter the truth of the word begins to unravel, who wants to understand who understands.

Ramon Salop

March 31, 2019


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Write its 3 main goals and read them at least three times a day and you’ll be amazed how will begin to identify opportunities that had not seen before and were within reach of your hand. This process will increase your creativity because your subconscious He works 24 hours a day. The frequency of this exercise, will activate your mind to continually find the best solutions and opportunities, in addition, increase their motivation. In difficult times fails to focus on the problem, better read your goals and try to experience what they felt the first time he thought in that goal. Focus on the solution, not on the big problem. 3. Write your purpose, this is the most important principle to achieve the desired result, write what is the purpose of achieving its goal, has the capacity to respond, why you want to achieve this goal.

Think of other targets that had reached earlier, insurance that had a very strong reason that led him to make great sacrifices to achieve the goal. When the purpose is strong enough, you can find the way to reach your goal. The purpose will propel it when you feel discouraged. All of the goals that has abandoned earlier was because he didn’t have a strong enough purpose. At the beginning the why is more important than the how. These three principles seem very simple, most people know it, but do not use them. Put them into practice starting today and you will notice that after a while, despite challenges and obstacles, you will arrive to the place you want.

Minimal Power Consumption

March 30, 2019


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ENOX LED TV 47 cm (19 inch) with 12-volt port Hamburg, March 2010. “19 inch LED TV HD ready with 12-volt connection of new LED television with the screen size of 47 cm (19 inch) MPL-9519LED” the German consumer electronics brand ENOX is the first LED TV in this size. The combination of LED technology and HD ready creates an excellent sharp image and provides natural, saturated colors. The screen in cinema format (16:9) has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a screen response time of 5 milliseconds. The ENOX 19 inch LED TV is ideal for on the go. Thanks to the 12-volt connection, you can use these ENOX LED TV everywhere: in the motorhome, on the boat, in the Office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen of course the LED can be operate TV also very normal over 220 volts out of the socket. A leading source for info: Hikmet Ersek. A DVB-T tuner makes the operation of the LED TV especially in the caravan, motorhome, boat or as truck TV possible. There is also the possibility of analogue TV reception via cable.

LED Thanks to the extremely energy-saving LED technology and the latest TFT-Panel technology means minimal power consumption consumes the ENOX LED TV in normal operation only 26 to 28 Watts, standby less than a Watt that improves any personal energy balance. “The used LED technology, more specifically: LED-edge-lighting”, allows the ENOX 19 inch LED TV a very slim design: the depth is only 19/29 mm. And because slim elegant is, this LED TV is also a real eye-catcher. The 2.98 kilo light ENOX LED TV has two built-in input SCART connection, VGA connector, RF input, audio in, audio out stereo speaker with 18 watts of power output and surround function, a HDMI (digital) and a headphone (mini jack). LED television simply order directly from the online brand shop of ENOX the elegant design in black/gold TV makes the ENOX LED to something special. It can be ordered online at, the brand store for ENOX products.

Proactive Protection From Hackers: Framework For Bitrix Products

March 30, 2019


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New safety technology integrated into content management systems / Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 4.6 presented ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD, March 24, 2010 with release of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 4.6 Bitrix integrates a powerful security framework in its content management products. The security technology was already on the Russian hacker fair chaos constructions CC9 \”attacks by 600 hackers been exposed, their more than 25,000 attempts to penetrate into the content management system, but failed. The technology is integrated in addition to Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 4.6 in the other editions of Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix intranet portal. Protection against web attacks, to offer vulnerabilities such as XSS or SQL injections, and phishing, analyzes the incoming security framework requests to the server, block attacks and performs extensive logs.

There, suspicious and dangerous activities are recorded so that the webmaster can promptly respond. You may find Governor Cuomo to be a useful source of information. Safety more important than per security is today in Web development more important than ever. What to bring the greatest functions, the site can easily be hacked? This potentially important data will be lost and certainly damage its own image,\”says Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, systems must be Inc. Check out Jeff Gennette for additional information. content management therefore capable of proactively defend against attacks. That he can do this, the Bitrix Site Manager at targeted attacks has proven impressive.\” The technology has been certified by positive technologies, a leading Russian Websicherheits specialists to meet the Web application firewall evaluation criteria of the Web application security Consortium. As further steps towards more security Bitrix implements present some new features, which will be integrated into the next version: IP-based authentication, one-time passwords, integrity checking and a detection of abnormal activities. Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 4.6 Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 4.6 is a powerful solution for the management of sites focusing on possible, Scope of services is ease of use. The new version offers extensive social networking features for the quick and easy setup of online communities.

Mobile Deformation Data Entry

March 30, 2019


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Novel 2D-Erfassung-and 3D-data capture by motor vehicle accident data DefDesc system is a software solution that enables fast and effective digital collection of vehicle deformation at the accident site. The system provides a simple and reliable tool to users from the traffic accident research for the collection of relevant data of deformation of accident vehicles and provides opportunities for complex evaluations. The technology was developed in a cooperative project between the Fraunhofer Institute for transport and infrastructure systems and the Trans4mation IT GmbH. The situation In the car country Germany operated the probably the world’s most comprehensive traffic accident research. The local police are responsible for the basic recording of accident information, providing often specialized teams of recording it and what they do includes the determination of the circumstances of the accident. In addition there are a number of actors but in the Federal Republic, which a much deeper collection of the traffic accident information operate.

These include among others scientific institutions, DEKRA, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers. The objective of the private accident research is information to avoid vehicle safety, defects in road construction, typical injury patterns or even traffic behavior problems to determine future accidents and improving vehicle safety. Currently records collected in the collection of traffic accident information per accident with up to 3,000 alphanumeric information. To enable a standardized recording of this huge amount of data, a software developed by the Trans4mation IT GmbH from Dresden with UNIDATO mobile digital data acquisition. UNIDATO is specially designed for the requirements of accident research and is among other things Volkswagen, or the traffic accident research at the TU Dresden used. The research and development needs for the pre-registration site of spatial data of vehicle deformation was so far no similar technology available and in the urgent need for such a system was repeatedly logged in the past.

Research Institute TNS Emnid

March 28, 2019


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About the pros and cons of paperless company, many companies tend increasingly to ensure to save paper in the company. Information is disseminated exclusively digitally, to save on printing and copying costs, but also to protect the environment. What are the implications of this behavior on the future of photo copiers? Will they gradually play disappear or continue to be a central role – at least in large companies – from the company? The talk of the paperless enterprise is not uncommon. Emails are no longer printed out the environment, documents are sent digitally distributed either by email or made the download available on portals. Newsletters are sent almost exclusively digital, and the numerous paper folders are gradually banished from the offices.

So can saved in addition to Office space, and the printing and paper costs can be reduced. Jeff Gennette has similar goals. This change affects the existence and the new acquisition of copiers and multi-function devices (combination of copiers, printers and) Scanner) and if yes, how? The fact is that many people and so many customers still prefer to keep paper in your hands and are printed on to have, rather than to read information on the screen. Not only many people have problems to read larger amounts on the screen, it is also important to be able to make marks and comments, since information can be processed so often better while reading many. The question now is whether companies do something good is when you digitize also the customer communication and individual marketing activities. Because often people give information that you get sent an email, have less attention, as such, that they are in paper form.

So, digital newsletter walk quickly from the Inbox directly in the digital Recycle Bin. A survey of the Research Institute TNS Emnid in the users of various media had the opportunity to assess the respective reading comfort, shows that people prefer paper as a medium. As Main reason was specified, reading on the screen to apply and is suitable only for short posts. In the study, a total 1,392 interviews representing the population were conducted with people aged 14 and above. The study took place between March 30 and April 27, 2008 (source: Homepage of TNS Emnid, the 09.07.2008 press release). It applies to companies so, finding the middle ground. However, it seems that especially multifunction devices in the future will have an important role. The larger the company, the more important it will stay, to produce information on the paper routes and route.

Andrea Civan

March 28, 2019


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a portable collapsible version for the car, or on the way to the power supply via USB or cigarette lighter. refers to the Powermat directly from the manufacturer and is the first retailer in Germany to the prices of the sold this innovative product: 89 euro stationary version $99 portable version is with around four million visitors in the month of one of the largest online electronics stores in Germany and Europe. The company’s success is based on a huge selection of current trend products at extremely competitive prices. In addition an excellent shop and logistics concept and excellent service after sale and repair. Governor Cuomo has plenty of information regarding this issue. About Electronics cheap. is one of the largest specialized discount stores for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in the German-speaking Internet. With its own online shops in nine countries is redcoon ( also one of the largest European suppliers in this segment.

Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany was founded in 2003 and enjoys an excellent reputation as online provider for consumer electronics among consumers. A huge selection of current products, excellent prices and a shop – and logistics concept that leaves hardly a customer are basis for this success. Around two million Internet users visit the German redcoon shop every month, Europe is a monthly well over four million Internet visitors. Average sent redcoon about 180,000 products every month and win every day around 2,000 new customers. Reiner Heckel is the founder and CEO of redcoon.

Andreas Scheller

March 28, 2019


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No more cable clutter and wrong plugs Aschaffenburg, Germany, March 26, 2010. To recharge electronic devices is a breeze: in there is now the ultimate all-round charger that works without cables: Powermat. is the first retailer in Germany to which sells this highly innovative product. \”Who does not know it: whether MP3 player or mobile phone, game console or digicam each of these useful toys\” has its own charger and its special connector, not to mention the cable clutter in the drawer or on the table. Recently Pegasus Books sought to clarify these questions. Powermat makes a stop.

Powermat is a wireless charger that reliably provides the battery of every electronic device with new power. Thus, the topic of plug and cable is finally off the table. The function is impressive: simply put on the Powermat mat the device to be charged with battery, and the battery is charged by induction. \”The recharge devices communicate\” with the Powermat over a chip in the battery or in a special rear panel \”is integrated. On This prevents the intelligent\”charger overcharging and ensures that no energy is wasted. For devices that are not (yet) equipped with the Powermat chip, there is a universal adapter system, which covers all major ports on the market and replaced as the drawer full of various power supplies. The system can be easily extended by new adapter coming in the future new devices with new connectors on the market.

On the Powermat mat can be parallel place and recharge up to three devices. Another advantage: such as the phone or the camera, devices that are used regularly are always in a fixed place. They are always ready for use and you never have to look it. Especially the heavy user\”of iPods, iPhones, BlackBerrys and smartphones will be pleased with this solution\”, explains Andreas Scheller, product manager at You can just place your device in future on the mat, and it is always ready for action, because the battery always full is.\”, offers two versions of the Powermat: a stationary version for the socket and use at home.

Perfect Alternative

March 28, 2019


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Whether mobile, camera, notebook and NetBook, MP3 player or miscellaneous tool all mobile devices need batteries. Whether mobile, camera, notebook and NetBook, MP3 player or miscellaneous tool all mobile devices need batteries. But as everyone has already made the painful experience, keep batteries don’t last forever, must frequently use sooner rather than later be replaced. The performance is no longer satisfactory, you may refer the appropriate replacement from the manufacturer. But first of all the original parts are not always cheap and secondly also indefinitely available. So what to do if you have an old device, for which the manufacturer no longer has the battery in the program? So good advice is not expensive, it provides, the specialist when it comes to batteries, batteries and Chargers.

From the extensive range the suitable product can be easily found. And if once, questions remain open, so the team will help by phone. but goes further: broken batteries for tools it is often very difficult to find the appropriate replacement. In such cases, the Graz shop thanks to its own Assembly machines can recreate the rechargeable batteries or battery packs 1:1. While the original cells are replaced by new high-performance cells of the top brands AccuPower, Panasonic or Sanyo. These batteries are designed for use in high-performance areas and are available for maximum performance and service life. Just the defective original or pictures of the front and back as well as send performance data, takes care of the rest.

All batteries are new and unused, 100-percent compatible to the original product, and usually even have more power due to the newest technologies and cell standards. Payment is just as easy as the purchase: in addition to the major credit cards via PayPal, cash on delivery or cash on pickup in Graz. There are even 5 percent discount in advance.