Organizational Leadership

April 8, 2019


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This type of styles may work in companies that recently started operations and require a person all-terrain or when the company enters a period of crisis by the drop in sales and requires a big boost but up there no more! In this journey through time, I was also under the command of a leader paternalistic, a style that can be as negative as the authoritarian. One of its features is giving people what they do not need and when if they require its support, deny it. A leading source for info: Andrew Cuomo. They are capable of they delegate power to a person on the team, but if this is wrong, we immediately removed his trust and prefer to do it themselves. What causes a style like this is that people do not grow in the Organization something, as well as having an army of dwarfs and over unmotivated. Don’t think that just met leaders of this type, also was lucky to work with the good those who have a clear vision, that know how to transmit it, without harassment, creating a climate suitable for motivation and learning, capable of applying a style coaching, nearby, which helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses, in order to integrate them into its people professional and personal aspirations. Organizations require leaders capable of taking care of the results but also ready to support the development of his team.

They need leaders that guide efforts to achieve results in team but taking care of the means used. Callers leading characters like Hitler, forgot to read the part that describes the Jewish extermination, who read ever Robin Hood, forgot that steal a pencil or a million is bad. They have not heard anything to people who refer to politicians justifying theft but to do works, seem right?. Better remember that there were people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa of Calcutta, to name a few, who preached by example, they taught us the true face of humility, of the service if that!… lead serving the great paradox of the leadership. We are all in ability to assume leadership, whatever the position we occupy in the company or the role that touch us to exercise outside of it. All can influence the closest person to achieve real change and attain the goals there are no excuses to not assume leadership a suggestion, let’s try to start by leading our own life and then put it at the service of others.