Moscow Technical University

September 26, 2016


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I want to say a few words about our Faculty of Computer Science. Currently we are negotiating with the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Already achieved a number of agreements, invited experts. In the future, we, together with Bauman plan to create a unified program of instruction with a degree in computer science "to graduate bvshp received a double diploma – the diploma and diploma bvshp Bauman, and, accordingly, on the contrary, as the Moscow Technical University is one of the leading companies in Russia, as we strive to meet only the highest standards. – Speaking about the choice of specialties in terms of its relevance, that can advise our applicants? In the labor market in Slovakia the most in demand are a specialty, such as information technology, mass media (in PR) is less due to oversaturation Market professionals, graduates are in demand of economic and legal professions. – When choosing a specialty applicants are guided not only the prospects of future employment, but also the expected salary. What kind of payment can expect to graduate? In Slovakia, the professionals working in the field of mass media, marketing immediately after graduation earn about 1000 -1500 euro. I note that in Slovakia, wages in 1500 Euro is quite high, since the official poverty line, defined by the legislation amounts to 185.19 euros a month, but life itself in Slovakia in general, and Bratislava in particular is not very expensive compared to other European countries. If we talk about part-then a student can earn 400-500 euros per month, which is comparable to his living expenses.