January 10, 2020


Comments Off on Modernism

The first phase of the Brazilian Modernismo, initiate with the Week of Modern Art of So Paulo, in February of 1922. Amongst other marcantes events, we cite the constant presence of not-linguistic and extra-linguistic elements in the elaboration of the poetry and, with this, the important Brazilian innovation in the Concretismo, Poetry and the Poem-process, that the presence of the Brazilian art bases on the scene of world-wide literature. The functionality of the art and the ironic tone and caretaker of literature delinquent had also become brazilian specialties. Finally, the great amount of produced literary art in the last few decades enters the tropics of the last century marked the national artistic scene deeply and disclosed some great names, – until then hidden in literature delinquent -> making possible to the great public a bigger knowledge of the many vanguards appeared at this moment. Also an art of immediate consumption e, many times was restored, without deserving the literature heading. Week of Modern Art of So Paulo: the basic rock of the Modernismo in Brazil was launched.

It was February of the year of 1922 and many intellectuals and artists defended a Brazilian art really directed toward Brazil. It was a period of critical in periodicals and magazines. Lobato hunter was one of fiercest. Soon it who, much later, could be indicated as the great mentor of the renewal of the language proposal for the modernistas. But, nor the proper participants of the movement so were joined in relation to the certainties on the literary art or the proper language. Most famous, Oswald de Andrade, Mrio de Andrade and Manuel Flag, of a side, with the Antropofgico manifesto. With total support of the main feminine names of Brazilian recent history, important women in such a way in the society of the time as in the plastic arts.