Modern Business Management

November 11, 2013


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Breakthrough in the field of management is the concept of scientific management Fredrick Taylor, the founder of the school of scientific management. Within the rigid rationalism, he formulated the basic principles of management individual hard work: a detailed study of labor processes, valuations based on direct measurement of the cost of working time, with chronometer observations; a special system of piecework wages: the method of selection, training and job training, raising and allocation of responsibility for performance between managers and workers. The next step in the development of science and practice of management as a school human relations and behavioral science – the concept of the classical school of administration. Its creator Henri Fayol is considered the father of management. He outlined the principle of management, determined the specific species performance of managers – planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and monitoring. Have a certain interest for today's practice these principles: 1. every worker – the delegation of authority, sufficient to be responsible for carrying out the work 2.

interests of the organization prevail over the interests of the individual 3. workers receive fair compensation for their work; 4. initiative is encouraged; 5. harmony of interests staff and the organization ensures the unity of effort, unity – the power. Henri Fayol in creating its vision began to quantitative, system, situational approaches. For management schools in the characteristic study of the behavior people in the organization, its motivation, the problem of leadership: in fact the main resource of the firm – a man.