Mitre Guillermo Rawson

August 1, 2019


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Days later La Nacion added that Sarmiento has been the Attorney of a foreign Government against their own country. He has suggested, has spread and has succeed the idea of depriving the Republic Argentina of its territory. He initiated the task of proving that did not belong to the Argentina Republic, but Chile, Patagonia territories in the press. Sarmiento from the newspaper El Nacional directed by its almost father-in-law Velez Sarsfield defends by holding that what he had done was only to attack roses, be taken into account that the father of the classroom in their defense does not deny their treason to the homeland, but just trying to justify it. But Mitre tops from your newspaper saying advising foreign Governments that they arrebaten you to the homeland of their territories, it is attacking roses or the Republic Argentina? Are Magellan or the Republic Argentina lands perhaps of roses? But Sarmiento was President and the controversy is relegated for a few years until recently at the end of his mandate he revives.

The Chileans to see the man who had maintained their rights years ago, now as President of Argentina, were for more and demanded Patagonia. In 1873 the popularity of Sarmiento is in free fall, since their items of thirty years ago are returned to read, both in Chile and in the Argentina. There is no turning back, Sarmiento has already recognized them and has justified their deeds in their hatred to roses. His enmity with Mitre Guillermo Rawson, Nicasio Orono and Jose Hernandez, joined him among others. The father of the classroom overwhelmed in their correspondences with Felix Frias, the Argentine Ambassador in Chile, rehearses his last defense, perhaps the most daring. On May 20, 1873 he wrote to Frias that the written anonymous in a Chilean newspaper that were intended to be useful (refers to Chile) and whose writing is attributed to a young Argentine emigrated (refers to the same, but the father of the classroom in 1843 was 32 years old, i.e.