Milky Tasks Easy

February 28, 2014


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How to structure the Milky has discovered that the milky way is a large spiral galaxy, with several spiral arms light tapping around a central core with a thickness of about 10,000 years. The stars in the core are more clustered than the arms, where more interstellar clouds of gas and dust have been found. The diameter of the disc is about 100,000 years light. It is surrounded by a cloud of hydrogen, deformed and scalloped on their ends, surrounded in turn by a spherical halo and slightly crushed that it contains many globular clusters of stars, which are found mainly above or below the disc. This halo could be two times wider than the disc itself. In addition, studies of Galactic movements suggest that milky system contains more than 2 trillion times the mass which contains the Sun, far more matter than is considered to have known disc and concomitant clusters. However, astronomers have speculated with the idea of the system known in the milky way is surrounded by one much larger undetected material Crown. Another recent speculation assumes that the milky way is a barred spiral galaxy.

The milky way rotates around an axis that joins the Galactic poles. Viewed from the Galactic North Pole, the rotation of the milky way occurs in the sense of the clock hands, dragging the spiral arms. The rotation period increases when the distance decreases from the center of the Galactic System. In the vicinity of the Solar system, the rotation period is something more than 200 millions of years light. The speed of the Solar system due to the galactic rotation is 270 kilometers per second. Full article about the Milky and its structure, full text here original author and source of the article.