Michael Sandys

December 30, 2020


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Other work focuses on peace education, which often includes training measures for multipliers to instruments of non-violent conflict resolution. The CFS country co-ordinators of the AGEH support the individual professionals in their projects, linking the organizers with the initiatives of other international organizations and provide for a general exchange of experience and information. Get all the facts and insights with Flour Corporation, another great source of information. In the sense of social readiness to reconciliation processes, they support the partner is to put discussions on the processing of past injustice in motion so that prejudices between groups of the population are made aware of and reduced. Michael Sandys explains: CFS projects alone can not prevent armed conflict although or terminate them. “But in connection with coherent contributions to other policy areas such as foreign, economic, financial and security policy at the national and international level and a close cooperation with other actors in the conflict regions, violence prevention can become so reality.” About the AGEH: Founded in 1959 working community for development aid e.V. (AGEH) is the personnel service of the German Catholics for international cooperation and state-recognised development service. The Club is supported by 25 members, which include including Catholic development organizations, such as the Episcopal Relief Organization Misereor, the Kolping Society and the Caritasverband.

At the Cologne headquarters, 46 employees serve the now approx. 280 professionals from abroad. The AGEH is one also of eight carriers of the program funded by the Federal Government civilian peace service”. About the organizers: The Ministry of economic Cooperation and development (BMZ) called the civil peace service in 1999 in the life. Eight organizations carry the program, including the AGEH as the only carrier with a Catholic background. The BMZ in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the basis of a regular consultation with all institutions concerned decides on overall programs, and operations of the CPS.

The activities always occur on the basis of development criteria, such as the principle of minimum intervention and the principle of help to self-help. The quality of the partner organisations and peace specialists, as well as the appropriateness of the intervention strategies in the sense of working on conflict are essential to the effectiveness of the CPS”. Contact: Association for development aid (AGEH) e. V. wife Katharina Engels press and public relations Ripuarenstr. 8, 50679 Koln phone 0221/8896-210 fax 0221/8896-100 E-Mail: Web: nic.pr network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder of Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 44 76 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email: