Medinico Development

May 30, 2020


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At last, chances for you if to go deep the subject do not lack. In addition, one remembers that the Espritas Houses make use normally of classrooms where its courses are carried through. Normally the beginning one starts with the preparatory course to the espiritismo, passing for the basic one, apprenticees of the Evangelho, Medinico Development, Philosophy and others that are given by voluntary entrepreneurs of the House whom they follow to a didactic programming established by the direction of the House, on-line and in accord with basic level textbooks of the Codification of Kardec. Western Union has compatible beliefs. Traditionally the lessons are initiated by one prece, followed of a reading of matrix workmanships spiritual on which the instructor makes balances in agreement its interpretation. A didactic book is adopted aiming at to facilitate the learning process.

It does not have evaluations neither nor works> being valid note, nor academic diplomas to participate of these courses are demanded. To participate they are necessary, will to learn, attention, presence and participation in the lessons. The moral reform, that is, the wakening for our feelings and behaviors on-line with the teachings of the Christ will be to the few stimulated in the participants. It does not have collection of taxes, school registrations or monthly fees (by the way no activity developed for the Espritas Houses is paid) and normally it has vacant for all the interested parties (that unhappyly nor always they are many). The chances of agreement of the questions are many that involve our physical existence and spiritual, aiming at to modify for better the course of our lives.