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October 9, 2019


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" The professor notes that this is logical – if a person has a lot of protein in his diet, he needs plenty of acid to digest protein, but Children's gut is not adapted to work in conditions of excess acid. Intestinal wall are damaged with acid and start to bleed. Since the blood contains large amounts of iron, she leads him through the intestines. Perhaps this is another cause of anemia in a seemingly traditional foods. Figure 4. Blood diarrhea in children turns out that the cause of diarrhea in blood – milk and a professor stresses once again that, long before his performances to write about this in the medical journal Medical Trubune.

As you can see the mystery as such these materials no one else does – it just can not stand for the general public. Most likely, dairy and medical industry is not profitable to people knew so much. Cataract Studies of other scientists showed that the occurrence of cataracts may depend on the consumption of dairy products: Katarakt (grauer Star) Katarakt steht auch in Bezienhung zu Milchprodukten. Galaktose scheint die Augenlinse zu beschadigen, was zu Katarakten fuhrt.Digestive Disease and Sciences 1982; 27:257-64 reason is galactose, which is an integral component of the milk sugar lactose. Lactose – a type of sugar, which can normally only child. The energy that gets a child with maternal nutrition, comes to him not only in the form of glucose. The child's body is rapidly developing in parallel developing a system that produces insulin and control system in blood sugar.