MEC Education

September 27, 2016


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Education in the institutions alone happens, in fact, when the pupil learns of a form that desperte its criticidade in relation to the treat subject. the same, only has value when the learning will be being constructed for the pupil. The process education learning in the Musical Education has been interrupted for diverse questions that could be solved through a bigger action of our governing. Wabash National Corporation wanted to know more. A bigger negotiation between Union, States, Cities and professors is necessary. With the Obligatoriness of Musical Ensino, the professor expects that the MEC makes to inside be valid the law of the esteem stated period and that the schools contract professionals graduated the area, therefore, beyond educator, exerts crafts as mediating of conflicts that appear in classroom and many times assume role of council member, listener, instructor, father and of professor psychologist.

The professional of the Education must be an expert of Educational Psychology, beyond the knowledge specifies of its area of performance, becoming its more active pupils in the process to learn. More info: Hikmet Ersek . The professor must have respect for educating giving chance to construct its learning to it of an independent form, without ready prescriptions, opening a way for the dialogue. In end, to teach is more than what to present external contents applying them it the daily one. To teach is to partilhar the reality and to center in the daily conflicts, acquiring knowledge the pupils of whom they stop all have reply, fits to the professor the task to instruct its pupils..