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September 20, 2011


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Practice shows that human action is motivated by the most effective. Take a simple example, most actors work, if entrusted to he fits the character actor's role, there are masterpieces and award in the prestigious awards. In such cases, the organizations we say that the employee performs the most peculiar role for himself. How to choose a staff member to perform work in accordance with his usual role? First, you should know what roles are demonstrated in practice management. And secondly, be able to these roles required the employee to identify.

To determine the roles commonly used as a surveillance or as specific diagnostic tests. They can be used to identify the following groups inherent to any employee (and supervisor, and the performer) Role: Mental: a generator of ideas, analyst, an expert (expert) Performing: Administrator (Coordinator), Artist, Management Supervisor: leader (motivator), a collectivist, a communicator. In order to "adjust" the performer to the required role in performing the task, it is necessary, giving him the job, talk to him in the language of his motives. In other words, to use such words in conversation, which correspond to the most relevant for human needs. What motivators (needs) are shown in modern organizations and employees can be used in the practice of management? They are: The need for equitable remuneration need for a comfortable working conditions need to structure jobs and work in close relationship need a small group of colleagues in the relations with the need for a large group of people need to recognize the results and The need to influence developments and monitor the actions of other people's need for change and a sense of unquenchable interest in the need for creativity and expanding horizons need for independence and The need for independence and the establishment of high achievement goals need interesting work If the manager will set up a slave on the performance of its inherent talents and roles, it will provide a better understanding performer this goal, the high efficiency of action the Executive, and bring him a deep and sustained job satisfaction.

Instead of the conclusion of business management system – one of its domestic assets, and most, by the way, poorly studied. His contribution to the overall cost of business can be substantial – up to 20-50%. Consequently, the search for more efficient management systems can give substantial economic effect. However, in this way should give up some stereotypes in favor of a new management thinking. Its essence is this: In search of reserves increase the effectiveness of management do not waste your time trying to invest in employees is that they are not given by nature. Instead, try to identify them is that they have already laid down by nature. That's merge and reinforce each other two forces: the desire of companies increase their value through the identification and use of hidden reserves in the management and employees to the desire of each individual and the maximum disclosure of their talents 1 The article was published in the journal "Director General", 2008, Kiev, Ukraine 2 Here and further benefited from the books of Buckingham and Coffman M. K. First, we need to break all the rules! With the world's best managers do differently? – M: MTsNMO, 2005. – 328. Navruzov Y. Structuring chaos. A practical guide to the management team – Dnepropetrovsk: Balance Business Books, 2005. – 318.