Management Information

January 27, 2014


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The information society has brought profound changes you the work market, forcing traders you invest in to their knowledge and challenging businesses you cope well the knowledge that to their employees bring you the organization. In the days that they run the competitive gap that exists in business, is increasingly linked you the capital intellectual. Thus it is important you manage this knowledge. While it may seem simple task will be an organization, when we talk about managing information, to refer US you carries through an intangible right, that this is very important rolls will be company. Capital intellectual The of each employee firm is increasingly, the competitive gap between the organizations. Mindful of that reality, the companies concerned ploughs rising with the management know-how of its employees.

In turn, treat this increasingly knowledge-generating and increasingly in systematic way. The Knowledge Management is not current reality, has existed will be many years, to however, only recently gave up companies you develop technologies you operationally it. We did not find single definition will be the term ' ' knowledge' '. One of the definitions is possible that knowledge is set of simple information, which includes individual experience and overall value of each individual. The Knowledge Management has key rolls detect which of these skills ploughs strategic you an institution. There will be that is effective management of knowledge is necessary that each company develop systematic methods, protect and organizes this information, doing only with which it is spread and multiplied by the organization.

You of, should create only technological tools you manage this knowledge, because it is very fluid and little tangible. While adds companies ploughs already engaged in knowledge management, making it in systematic way, there ploughs many others that only create processes of knowledge on the basis of reports and meetings. On days like these ploughs increasingly the technologies that can serves the Management of Knowledge; to however there ploughs two aspects regarding its application.