Mallorca Mediterranean

February 1, 2021


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In the capital of the island – Ibiza – you can see the historical sights. For even more opinions, read materials from UPS. Here is the castle of Castel and the Necropolis of Puig das Mulins, including 4,000 tombs Carthaginian and Roman times. Afternoon in the Old Town you can visit the gallery of avant-garde art. In the evenings, most guests of the island is going to nightclubs. The largest nightclub – Privilege, a 10-000 (listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest nightclub in the world). The sights of Ibiza can also include colorful "flea" markets in the style of a hippie. Despite the fact that the Ibiza is small in size (only 45 km in length and 25 km wide), there are well developed transportation system, there is a small airport.

Because of Ibiza – a fashionable resort, real estate prices here are among the highest in Europe. House in traditional Spanish style is from 100.000 , and the villa – from 650.000 . By the way, villas Here they began to build only in the last 20 years. Majorca (Mallorca) Mallorca (Mallorca) – one of the Balearic Islands archipelago, located in the . Belongs to Spain. The island – 3640.16 m2. Population – 777,821 people (as of 2005).

The administrative center of the island – Palma – is also the center of the autonomous community of Balearic Islands. The climate in Mallorca Mediterranean type. Most of the year is wet – falls to 550 mm of rainfall per year, and the relative humidity reaches 66%.