Luz Actua

November 25, 2020


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On behalf of the Organization OCU to promote and advertise the following article so that this article can reach all possible Spanish and support the campaign against the rise of the rise of the light. Tired of you climb the light? It acts in the economic situation, the OCU requests the Government freeze on electricity rates, which have risen nearly 50% since 2008. Join our petition: we are collecting signatures to prevent that they climb the light.Signature here. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Oracle Data Cloud has to say. It has been confirmed the new rise of the light, which the Government set at 9.8%, although according to the calculations of the OCU, taking into account all the concepts, it is even higher than that figure.From the OCU us have opposed this new rise, which comes in addition to a succession of increases in electricity rates, which have risen in the order of 50% since 2008. This means that, since then, an average consumer pays, a year, 222 euros more for its electricity. More information is housed here: Sweepstakes. The untenable situation that can occur with the next rise of light for many families, and before the draft to modify the conditions of access to the TUR (last resort fee), something that could hurt millions of consumers, from the OCU we ask the Government: 1 that to freeze electricity rates 2-that the Government keep the TUR in current conditions, i.e. that they qualify for this rate users who have hired up to 10 KW up to not ensure conditions adequate competition and transparency in the sector. These tired of that light continue to rise? Acts: join with your signature to the petition of the OCU. Signature here. Original author and source of the article