Life Coaching

June 10, 2012


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To speak of the Life Coaching we will have that to say on the Dreams and the Reality We go for example to catch in its in case that, one remembers of when she was a child, when all possible age, when nothing it was impossible to reach Its Dream was to be an astronaut, doctor, professor of the primary, fireman, policy, model, remembers of what really it wanted? now, passed these years, what it is that makes in the Reality? The Life Coaching helps it to reach it the Dreams that really want for itself. The Coach (the person that Is certifyd as Coach) helps the Coachee (the customer) to become its Dreams in a Reality. For the Coach, the mission of it is to make with that the Coachee reach its specific objectivo. Then, that Dream would like to become Reality? At this moment it has the body that it always wanted? It has the energy necessary to make everything what it really wants? At this moment it works every day happy and it contents? It is felt carried through and recognized? In relation to its familiar bows, it is everything in agreement what it idealized? It is felt complete and confident in its loving relation? It wakes up motivated and with energy for plus one day? Or he is only ‘ ‘ plus one day as all outros’ ‘? already now as it is that the 1 year is seen daqu 3 years …….. 10 years? If to continue with the same behaviors, with the same life of now, as is that it will be gone to feel? It will be that it goes to think that must have moved of route while it was time? The fact is that the time never will come back stops backwards It uses to advantage and it makes of its Life Life that Really Wants! It comes back to the age of when all possible age and fights for its dreams The best height to move is Now, is when it feels of deep of the heart that already does not want this nor plus one day, nor plus one hour! The height to change its life starts when It decides To move! The Coach will help it the process it of these changes It goes to follow it, of the starting point, until a goal that to choose exactly for itself. The Coach, has the techniques necessary to help it, in each stage until the o top of its mountain, step by step always its side. Live The Life You Want!