Job Change Issues

November 23, 2020


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If you can hold on to an optimistic belief in the possibility of success, has a powerful motivation for change. M&A usually is spot on. But not everyone can or need help to do that because some are naturally more optimistic than others. It can be especially difficult to be optimistic if you feel a little hurt or beaten after redundancy, but even when you know you need the change can be difficult to start. Just take a look at the stages: stages of change 1) Thinking about thinking about it 2) Think about it 3) Action Preparing for it 4) le 5) Keep It a) Thinking about thinking about it you really do not want consider a new job to all and actively resist if you feel pressured or coerced to change. They may know that you should look, but are not really committed to finding employment. You may be giving half thought the heart due to pressure from others? "I really should get another job" but do not want anymore. "I'm not going to bother with finding employment. I have my redundancy money, so I have no real need to work.

"This response is well off, if you have enough for the rest of your life or until his pension kicks in. 2) Think about it you see a need change and may consider making a change "sometime", or perhaps when you are completely ready. That still is not it? You're starting to contemplate and weigh the pros and cons of change.