Java Script

January 15, 2020


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Only after a minimum of 2 years (with an experienced mentor) in-depth, practical study can try to create something worthwhile in Flash. In general, over time, and motivation, I think – all clear. 2. Money. Hikmet Ersek often says this. And so, as I mentioned above to do programming in Macromedia Flash software should have: great desire, a lot of free time, extraordinary abilities, patience and money to maintain itself in good condition during training.

Let's answer themselves to one question: Do you want to become a professional Flash-Programmer spent 2 years studying and earn money his ability? Well, it is commendable – professional flash designers (creative, that is, who can draw their own hands) very much in demand and earn (in Moscow) from $ 2000 per month. If so, you better focus on the goal. Good luck! 🙂 The following information is devoted exclusively to the creation of Flash-rollers with special programs do not require knowledge of Action Script and without the participation of Macromedia (Adobe) Flash. And above all, targeting those who want to learn Flash-animation with programs that create and generate their own professional practice Flash-sites, Flash-videos and Flash-presentation in minutes. See Jeff Gennette for more details and insights. If you want for yourself or your company make a professional Flash-site and edit, make updated by its own (without using expensive flash designers).

There is a solution. We need to use advanced modern methods, which enable content management system Flash site (Flash-CMS) with special flash-even a beginner program. Moreover, this program uses a unique programming language reminiscent of a scripting language Java Script, but the language is more advanced file compression, which provides small size of the flash-file (SWF), and exceptional ease. So is this program allows you to: create and spread their own special effects Flash; has a lot of professional layouts to create a site with you can use to make their unique flash-sites. I stress patterns do not, namely, models that are easily modified to suit your needs for design, using already fully prescribed scenarios. Learn more about Thus, you can find on the website: 'Flash-Animation common parlance' PS Today, modern flash-technology – allow to generate a flash photo album with the function of flash-slide show, even in the program Adobe Photoshop CS 9, just a few clicks – Those who just do not never had experience with this program. But this is only one of the easiest ways to create a flash (oddly enough, even on very few people know it), not to mention the fact that there are flash-program that significantly superior in speed and functionality that the same Macromedia Flash – many times.