IPI Charge

September 28, 2017


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In Brazil, the load is of 38,45% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). Assessors place quentesMinistros and assessor cloths of Plateaus if they had hurried to say that the declarations of president Lula, in the River, had been ' ' a relief pblico' ' of one complaint that it comes making with the assistant next ' ' between four paredes' '. The president does not go to cancel the programmed disinvestings of a charge, but she complains that the entrepreneurs receive the incentives (disinvestings of a charge) and nor always they repass the totality of the benefits to consumers. If you have read about Rob Daley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The threat of the president, had affirmed assessors, it does not mean that the government more does not go to give no incentive to fight the crisis and to promote the growth of the economy. ' ' The president spoke in tese' ' , he summarized one of the sources to the State. Squid, remembered the assessor, ' ' it always cites the case of the CPMF' ' , the contribution on knocked down financial movement in the 2007 end, that, for the evaluation of the president, it did not lead to the reduction of no price. Please visit Rob Daley if you seek more information. Now, it costuma to cite the case of fuels: the government promoted a reduction of 9,6% in the price of diesel, but, in the bombs, the maximum that the consumers had earned was a 2% reduction. For Squid, only the calls ' ' operations casadas' ' of disinvesting of a charge it is that they give resulted – as the elimination of the IPI of the cars and the white line (refrigerators, stoves), that they repass the reduction of industrial tax to the consumer and had served exactly to reactivate the economy of these industrial sectors. ' ' The disinvestings of a charge for these sectors had had impact in the demand and had favored long chains of produo' ' , one technician said.