March 15, 2019


Comments Off on Interpretations

From coaching started from a fundamental principle of the ontology of language that says: we don’t know how things are. Only we know how we observe them or how the interpretamosVivimos in interpretive worlds. We can only intervene in those worlds that we can observe. (* 1) This principle leads us to a different interpretation of truth that we believe (or thought) only. Note that based on this concept, we can see the world not as it is, but as could be according to our particular way of looking at it. How many times in life we look at a given situation and think so and there is no other way to see it? Humberto Maturana in his scientific works, proved that human beings do not have biological mechanisms that allow us to have perceptions of how things really are. If we adopt these principles in our daily work, think that they can impact our lives in many ways, for example: leave you wanting to have reason at all and thus leave you fighting with each other. If we fight, we can find in a coexistence in peace.

If we fight, if we want to defend our certainties at all costs in discussions and fights what happens? We are left alone. We transform ourselves into coexistence with people with whom we interact, respecting the different points of view, accepting and recognizing the other as legitimate other without wanting to convince him that we have the only reason and truth. We open our mind predisposing us to listen to what others have to say from his particular way of being, expanding our gaze towards the search for effective agreements that help us to achieve results working together and in a team. We can interpret any situation in different ways by what, to open the range of different possibilities, we can choose the one that suits us and predispose us to do what is needed to have the results we want in our lives.