Increased Tax Rate

December 8, 2020


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Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg, Germany informs the desire for a homeowner is understandable. All work will be performed for themselves and in the age, it offers enormous collateral. Buying a property is connected also with many costs. Also the IRS taxed legal operations of domestic land and requires the payment of a tax. The tax rate for this increased by 2012.

About this informed the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg. Tax duty who buys a property, must deal with many formalities and financial costs. This also includes that the real estate transfer tax (RETTA) must be paid to the tax office. Is a real estate sold and there is a contractual confirmation, the competent tax authorities to the tax debtor is addressed. It is usually the buyer, although also the seller for this may be eligible, but usually is by mutual agreement the buyer opted for.

The levied tax rate must be within a time limit on the tax office should be transferred. Before this amount to the IRS was launched, obtained also no so-called safety certificate for the land registry office. This is necessary so that no tax concerns stand in the way of the registration of the land buyer in the land register. A deferral of tax is not possible in the case of the real estate transfer tax. The amount payable depends on the applicable tax rates for each State. The height of the real estate transfer tax has risen since 2012. In the case of the highest it is 5 percent. The Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact contact person: Gunter Zielinski – Steuerberater Rolfinckstrasse 37 22391 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-10 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-121 E-Mail: Homepage: