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September 14, 2017


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Business card – the same image to make a business person, as a suit or a mobile phone. Exchange of business cards so firmly entrenched in ritual dating in a business environment that a person with no cards, it is surprising and puzzling. Have at his business card is now considered good manners, and even in universities, manufacturing managers and executives, students are taught etiquette, including the handling of business cards. It is important to know how to deal with those managers and business cards managers who work or plan to work with foreign partners, as well as Europeans, and particularly those in Asian countries such as Japan, for example, are very sensitive to business cards. When choosing your style cards should be considered, for whom they are made.

If this is the card of the CEO and senior managers are too bright and flashy colors and ornate fonts will be out of place. Usually they are placed logo and name company name and title of officer and contact – usually a working phone. Conversely, bright and eye catching business card is perfect for designers, advertisers, and other creative personalities :-). There are also rules that provides information on most business cards. Since the standard size business cards 90h55 mm, do not try to place it on a lot of information. If you want to make business cards in two languages is not quite correct will do everything in one business card. Double-sided business card – a possible way out of this situation, although not the best.

The reverse side of cards designed to records. Yes, yes, on business cards, you can write! If you need to, say, a mobile phone is more appropriate to write it by hand on the back. Returning to the case with two languages – it would be better to order just two versions of business cards. For example, 70% Russian and 30% anglophone. In other words – just to break the order into two unequal parts. Next time – the top right corner business cards, too, need to leave free for the pencil marks that are written on the business card in case it is not presented in person, and transferred to someone or sent by mail or with a bouquet of flowers. An important addition to the image can also serve as cover for their own business cards and business cards to strangers.