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December 28, 2020


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Hitler would be convicted after 1945 not sure because a murder command etc.: see above: can. He gave no written direct killing or destruction command. Hitler presented his ideas, such as the extermination of the Jews specifically, in discussions with selected people. Then developed his same spirit (Goring, boring man, etc.) contact practical and efficient possibilities, and then realized this. > A unique written command of Hitler’s to murder all the Jews in the German sphere of influence was not found so far.

There was probably no such formal Arrangement. Oral guide commands to the extermination of the Jews letters and orders high NAZI leaders referring however several times. These commands were apparently most heavily convoluted; as well as Heydrich commands to specific actions of mass murder. In the people, the statement was therefore: If the leader knew! “Reichsminister loved the conditional and blame game: most recently on November 8, 1942: > you are still the Reichstag session recall, in which I explained: If Judaism is about formed up, to be able to bring about an international world war to eradicate the European races, then the result will be not the eradication of European races, but the extermination of the Jews in Europe.” You laughed at me always as a prophet. “Laugh of those who laughed at that time, not more, today countless and the now still laugh, are also no longer do maybe in some time.” 1942 To the ‘final solution of the Jewish question’ Hitler not participated in the Wannsee Conference. But 50% lawyers, and Hitler’s Secretary Martin Bohrmann (lawyer). > High-level representatives of national Socialist Reich authorities and party services came together at the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, chaired by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich commissioned by Goring to organize the initiated Holocaust of the Jews 11 000 000 in detail and to ensure the cooperation of all the instances.

Even Adolf Eichmann, was present s. o. > Otto Adolf Eichmann, SS – Obersturmbannfuhrer, was during the time of national socialism and the second world war in Germany as head of the Eichmann unit responsible for organizing the expulsion and deportation of the Jews of the Reich main Security Office (RSHA) in Berlin responsible for the killing of an estimated six million people in Europe occupied by Germany largely. In May 1960 by Israeli agents in Argentina was kidnapped and then brought to Israel, where it has been made of the process (see Eichmann trial) see above Hannah Arendt. Two years later he was to the death convicted and executed. > Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author “Obsession to the end: In the final paragraph of Hitler’s Testament of 1945, it said: in particular I undertake the leadership of the nation and the followers of embarrassing observance of the laws and relentless opposition to the Weltvergifter of all peoples, international Jewry.” The hot war between two dictators during the cold war between the two different political systems changed after 1945, this lasted until 1990. “The end part 1 based on this text: 1991 approx. 1280 pages of this text is by Alan Bullock, Hitler and Stalin, ISBN 3-442-75504-2, according to the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike license” available: quote origin note and use copy thank you! Details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 12.11.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service’s. WWWSchwalm.