Human Shield

December 14, 2019


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good heads are proud of being human shields, absorbing or turning aside annoyances, that interfere in the development of the workings of their subordinates. They are these originated from outside the company (bad clients) or within the same organization (you order without sense), allowing that the life of their people is less difficult than already it is. 1. – To resist the instincts: is made Here what I say the preoccupation but important of the good heads is the service load of its subordinates. That together with the urgency to realise work meetings. If you want to show his power and to show little respect towards its people, it arrives behind schedule to the majority of the meetings. But it wishes that they are proud of you and that they do a good work, you intone it begins and it finishes the meetings in time. 2.

– Constructive Fights In means where there is mutual respect, the discussions around the ideas are means for the development of the organization. The best heads encourage constructive battles and allow that the people feel that is safe to set out their opinions, even in present of the LEADER. 3. – Interferences. The good head this kind one to avoid or to reduce some you practice organizational that can be exhausting. For example: In a company the evaluation of the performance took near 02 hours by each worker.

That reason to look for the alternative to see if it would be possible to be obtained the same results, but of fast way but. What one took place was an analysis of the card of evaluation (a document loaded with but of 20 items), which was simplified, without losing its importance, obtaining that the evaluation is completed in 20 minutes. 4. – Challenge to the idiots Sometimes is necessary to face other leaders and powerful groups that force people to accept their bad ideas.