How To Earn Money Online With An Internet Blog

August 13, 2020


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Make money online is not very difficult. Here is the process step by step you can take to start making money with a blog. 1. Start a blog – should have a blog at least, considering that its aim is to gain some decent amount of money online. Create a blog about a topic that most people he knows and is interested in reading.

You can use the Google Trends service to see what they are actually the most recent Web search. Once you have decided the theme for your blog, start a blog on if you are new to blogging. 2. Seo friendly URL and title – if you are creating a blog about a particular place, should be included in any of its terms of niche in the URL of your blog. But try to limit the length of your URL to a minimum. Since you will be ready for your readers to remember your blog address. Once you have decided on a friendly URL for your blog, comes after the title of the blog.

Do not forget to mention the keyword you want to target this blog in your blog title. 3. Writing articles – Write some articles on his blog with an aim to target other keywords in your niche. First, should begin with the competition and create keywords in your articles. If possible, include videos and images in your articles to make your subject more understandable. 4. Submit your articles on social networks – Once Google caches their latest articles, you should consider submitting some of your interesting articles on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. These networks must aim to share your favorite stories with friends and supporters. 5. Google Adsense – once you see some traffic coming to your blog search engine, find ways to monetize. And when it comes about monetization, Google Adsense is the choice around the world. If you already have an AdSense account, add widgets Adsense in your blog template where you want to display Google Adsense ads.