August 22, 2018


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The history of the magazine begins with the emergence of periodicals that were not only informative, in the form of almanacs. The first magazine gathered a wide variety of material that was of interest to readers. One of the first was a German magazine: “Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen (Edifying Monthly Discussions) which appeared between 1663 and 1668. Soon there were other magazines that were known journalists in other countries like France, England and Italy, for the 1670s were released to the public some more light and fun. urai. The most famous of them all at that time was “Le Mercure Galant”, who met in the year 1672, which later changed its name to “Mercure de France”. In the early eighteenth century Joseph Addison and Richard Steele created “The Tatler” (1709-1711), which appeared three times a week.The Encyclopedia Britannica defines as “a collection of texts (essays, articles, reports, poems), often illustrated.” The magazine publishing was consolidated and highly profitable business worldwide. Due to the large expansion of television and audiovisual media. It is important to note that the magazines had a similar appearance to newspapers, today is one of the best-selling print media and used.