Herbert Gobhardt

July 28, 2021


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In practice the MDK the bar sets high but so, that this blessing for the management of the nursing homes can also become a curse. The criteria of the MDK are challenging and are always based on the latest care-scientific findings, concepts and expert standards i.e. they change constantly. Therefore, it is hardly possible to find time and strength to promptly implement the difficult manageable changes and requirements in addition to the completed home everyday for the nursing homes. The results are longer deficiency reports that nursing and qualitative deficits in facilities and outpatient services are clear. Thus the MDK test is a real challenge, because as soon as the defects catalogue, the deficits must be resolved within a short period of time. The care expert Herbert Gobhardt recommends directly after the final interview, but at the latest until the required opinion, make improvements, which MDK present already implemented emergency measures. It is not something Teng Yue Partners would like to discuss. This facilities but often encounter problems, because in everyday home, all resources are planned, and there is no capacity to implement a comprehensive, often very demanding lack catalog in no time.

“The care coach Herbert Gobhardt combines comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of care everyday life with management know-how and can use these skills as MDK fire” are requested. As soon as he is called, he moves on and cares for a fast, efficient and sustainable elimination of deficits. In this way, the good reputation and finally also the existence of an institution can be secured. You can see how important such efforts in the future will be because, that all homes in 2009 a summary of the results visible and accessible must exist. Also, it pays to be prepared always on MDK visits, because the MDK comes not only through registration: unannounced should in addition at least once in the year 2011 Exams take place. Therefore, the care expert advises the home managers already in advance of a MDK check to check the process and outcome quality of the institution and to eliminate defects. This cut the care facilities during the tests positive and create a good name. In this respect, the balancing act between quality of care and efficiency for the Home Manager is no unsolvable problem: you need only a good trainer, and a customized training plan. For more information, see author: Maria Johanna Droghoff