HealthShare Award: Share And Win!

December 1, 2020


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Submission for award to the social web communication launches Cologne, 13.09.2012 – the healthcare industry is not just fu? r innovative communication known. One more reason to reward courage and creativity with the first award fu? r social media communication in health care: the HealthShare award. The award participants mu? need to prove in the Realtitatscheck, because the submitter consider the judgment of more than 860,000 user of the DocCheck community. User who is right up front in the favour of the DocCheck, wins the prestigious crowd Cup”. In addition to the community also a jury will give their verdict. You are including Prof. Harald calibrating plate (Hochschule der Medien), Timo Mu? gge (University Hospital of Cologne) and Dr. Frank Antwerpes (DocCheck).

You give an expert award to fu? r the most creative social media communication. To the u? literal escape Cup tide, there will be only one winner. Can do with all that have to do with healthcare and are active in the field of social media, so manufacturers, hospitals, health insurance companies, agencies and all other Institutions. The deadline for the HealthShare award is on 7 December 2012. To broaden your perception, visit PayPal. Interested can find the application forms and more information see:. Doccheck the social Medwork networks fu? r a better medicine: through simplified access to scientific content, and direct technical interchange in the community DocCheck health service providers helps to deepen your know-how and your ta? work to improve daily. “U? medworken about 860,000 registered user” already. Thus, DocCheck is the mitgliedersta? thickest Community fu? r medical professionals in Europe.

Almost every second doctor or pharmacist in Germany is a member of the DocCheck and using our many? solve communication and information offered on the topic of healthcare. To the most important business? ftsmodellen by DocCheck za? select direct marketing via DocCheck news or bMail, research in the areas of clinical studies or market research, as well as social media based marketing with DocCheck InSite. A growing number of pharmaceutical companies uses the mo? possibility to attract audiences without wastage.