Guerra Hernandez

August 11, 2020


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doctor: doctor 17. optician: optical Madre mia, 17 words of 46, what do not know that you know the meaning of many words in English? Good we continue, now you have to detect those words which are not similar to the Spanish, but that sure that you learn you them with a read with what little you know English. They are the following words: 1. airhostess: flight attendant may not know what is hostess, but surely you can deduce that air means air and since we are studying basic vocabulary, the professions linked to air that you propose are pilot and air-hostess, and the second because know it. 2 Factory worker: worker.

If we take into account that the workers are those who work in factories or factories, then you have the key to remember the word. 3 fashion designer: fashion designer. Sure you’ve heard the expression she is super-fashion or fashion victim referred to the fashion world. Because well, we have the key to remember this word. 4 bus driver: bus driver. Maybe you don’t know that driver means constructor, but surely you know what means bus.

Then since we are with the professions, bus driver cannot more than bus driver. 5 salesman: seller. If ever you’ve gone discounts have look at the posters that put in the Windows of the stores with the word sales. Sellers, so salesman work in stores, it can only mean seller or seller. 6 Hairdresser: Barber. Passes with airhostess, you do know what hair, perhaps by the hair and shoulders shampoo, so as we’re talking about professions it must be Barber or hairdresser. 7. taxi driver: taxi driver. The same as with bus driver. Do clearly not? 8 Fishmonger: pescadero is likely to know the meaning of fish, by the name of McDonald’s Mcfish, then as we are talking about professions, Fishmonger has that mean pescadero. Well, we already know us 7 words, let’s see, 17 + 8 they make 25, so we already know us more than half. 3Rd well, these heights we have left these words to learn: 1. accountant: accounting 2. Baker: Baker 3. Postman: postman 4. bricklayer: bricklayer 5. Fireman: 6 firefighter. businessman: businessman 7. gardener: gardener 8. sailor: Mariner 9. grocer: grocer 10. Butcher: butcher 11. journalist: journalist 12. caretaker: concierge 13. lawyer: lawyer 14. civil servant: officer 15. lorry driver: trucker 16. Manager: director 17. undertaker: gravedigger 18. Nurse: nurse there are many ways to learn them, but I think that one of the simplest you can use is to search Google images, photographs or drawings relating to each of these professions. That Yes, the feature that must share all images is that they are challenging, sympathetic or original because they must surprise yourself if you want them to remember in the morning exam. 4Th now you only have to fire proof, copy the words in Spanish (in ball-point pen) once and when you’ve finished the list, begin to put words in English in pencil to the side. You find the results after finishing and buffing those who you have not gone well. If you want, you repeat the process with the words that you don’t know yet. 5Th before bedtime at night you read the entire list of mechanically and as you wake up also. Well, let me know the results! Jenny Guerra Hernandez, Coordinator of the psychology team easily.