Greeks Learning

March 12, 2019


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Breeding managed to take air to emerge with much difficulty and returned to sag. But the mother does not flinch, continued its contemplation with tranquility. Breeding repeated several times the exercise with evident progress. Shortly after he found a way of promoting with their hind legs and managed to reach the surface. He was repeating it over and over again with progressive skill and more puffs. This metaphor is a true lesson in the interior of the coaching game. The mother knew exactly to where I had to intervene to get a valid learning. Children also learn as well, although sometimes we don’t realize.

And also the largest. Although, parents, teachers, coaches do always act as the mother hippo? Metanoia’s learning and performance: beyond the current perspective see the word more precise to describe what happens in learning and current performance is metanoia. A word that He has had very little diffusion in the past century. It means change of approach, see more beyond the current perspective, involves a mental traffic. Capturing this meaning is to grasp the deeper meaning of the interior of the coaching game. The word metanoia has a rich history.

For the Greeks, it meant a mental shift, a fundamental change. In the early Christian tradition, was the key term of the primitive Christians such as Juan Bautista. He had a specific sense of awakening intuition and knowledge of the highest. In everyday use, learn to be synonymous with past purchase information or skills. In contrast real learning and the interior of the coaching game come to the bottom of what it means to be human. Through them we are trained to do something, we perceive the world and our relationship with him, we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of nature. Learning for survival is not enough for our inside of the coaching game.