Good Pension Provision

October 22, 2016


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Anti aging is to slow down more than just the aging process or to combat wrinkles. Dr. Michael Kesztele has opened ten years ago the first anti-aging practice of in Austria in Linz. Since November, he also successfully ordained in Steyr. Spring is coming, an ideal time, to detoxify and purify the body”, says the pension doctor Dr.

Michael Kesztele. Anti-aging doctor going away from the repair medicine to preventive medicine for a long, healthy, happy life. In his anti-aging offered the four-points effective prevention program practices in Linz and Steyr. It includes: blood findings company acidity test review immune Detox foot bath is anti aging according to the specifications of the American anti-aging to delay more than just the aging process or to combat wrinkles. Anti aging is especially good care”, says Dr. Michael Kesztele, who has worked as a medical officer, a Royal family in the United Arab Emirates. In his practice, Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Former CIA Head. Michael Kesztele applies for many years success of laser acupuncture.

He combines the oldest of mankind, the acupuncture treatment, the latest findings of anti-aging medicine. The laser(Aku)punktur can be applied for pain of all kinds and organic diseases. The motto is”Jet instead of steel. Instead of the steel of the acupuncture needle, same acupuncture points with the beam of the laser are stimulated. The treatment is hygienic, sterile, bloodless and virtually pain-free”, and Dr. Kesztele clarifies. He is since 2001 member of the German society of anti-aging medicine”is aging so also constantly in conjunction with the American anti-virus company. As an advocate of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), he is alone the opinion that one should treat all diseases holistically and not only the obvious symptoms such as headaches, for example. Each disease has indeed”their cause, says Dr. For more information see this site: Mirilashvili. Michael Kesztele, which specializes in Burnout treatment and hold also seminars. Colorectal cancer screening test colorectal cancer is one of the most common Tumors. A simple test can save your life! In his practice, the pioneer Dr. Michael Kesztele offered a Chair quick test for colorectal cancer screening. The test measures blood in the stool, but the enzyme of M2-PK. The test is brand new, completely painless, carried out quickly and very reliable”, explains Dr. Kesztele. How to contact with Dr. med. ordination Univ. Michael Kesztele Leonfeldner Strasse 328 4040 Linz AUSTRIA T: + 43.