Golden Key

June 13, 2020


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Do not think the difficulty ….. But we justify our concern, saying: how I can solve a problem if not I think of? The simple answer is NEVER THINK THE PROBLEM, ONLY SOLUTIONS THINK, for example: instead of thinking about thinking empenate debts as you get the money, leave the rest in the hands of the universe. Watch carefully observed constantly thinking what you think and decide not to allow thoughts to disturb the perfect peace of your being, keep your thoughts only to leave harmony, happiness, satisfaction, and enthusiasm. In no way complaining going to make things better. Remember that whatever you think has a tendency to become real, nothing is created on the face of the earth there not first been thought, you do not erase any doubts about the power of your mind. If you think you attract solutions solutions, if you think about the problems you attract problems.

Like attracts like it is and the solutions are similar thoughts in order, but if you seek peace from your struggle, prosperity from your anguish, love from the constraints, happiness from the suffering, you can not but find more difficulty, more anxiety, more suffering and it will generate resistance. And the greater the resistance increased pain. THE GOLDEN KEY, is simple, in reality, at least to understand. But this does not apply when it comes to implementing. Chances are if you have a situation of immediate solution will be difficult to take your mind on something different from the situation … WE HAVE TRAINED IN be pessimistic and maintain our attention on what NOT WANT INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU WANT …

but you can help repeating formulas as: Life is always best for me – nothing can disturb my peace of mind – All that happens is perfect – Father is with me and guide me – all I can do my father who strengthens me “I flow with life the father is guiding me and all positive thoughts to your mind flow. For these formulas repeated often end up being accepted by the mind creating a state of stability, security and inner peace. TO ANY SITUATION THAT I have to assume SOMETHING, THINK THE BEST AND SUCCESSFUL not the slightest possibility that something will happen that do not correspond so it is important to note that your reality is the result of your thoughts. Take care Stop thinking about everything that you do not want and it will disappear forever from your life. What happens outside are perfect results to recognize what is within you. Faced with difficult situations, few people know how close they were to have a fantastic response from life, if only I had connected your Golden Key RECEIPT IS WHAT YOU GIVE, I decide to give the best of MI did not want to stereotype a solution, and sealed it only slows the processes of the universe and the solution is probably the one you least expect it. The channels of God are perfect and unlimited. Leave everything to God, you just take care to do better, that is to do your part and let God do the of the I assure you that no fail. “