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May 20, 2020


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Russia turned towards the West, foreigners willingly take on state service, first erected in Moscow, the Lutheran church, built plans of dynastic marriages with European monarchies. But at the same time a new king begins to reduce scores with opponents, especially members of the old nobility, which never recognized the Godunov match for himself, and thus, it is making more and more enemies. And suddenly – Uaynaputina. It's like Eyjafjallajokull, but much worse. Volcanic eruption in what is now Peru was silsheyshim the history of South America for several years and changed the climate around the globe and in Russia in particular.

But only if China's problems with fruiting trees in Germany has fallen almost all wine-making, but in Russia … Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. Then came the three hungry, when summer frosts struck such that the Moscow River was covered with ice. Famine, has grown a hundredfold in the price bread, there have been cases of cannibalism. Boris responds to short-sighted and somewhat hysterically, first trying unsuccessfully to control the price of bread, then distributes the money to the poor than is tremendous inflation, then open state granaries are full and the capital thousands of starving, many of which, exhausted, dying on the streets. The only thing that does not dare to make the king – a force to know, monasteries, etc., to sell surplus grains, their barns were full, despite the prevailing famine everywhere, that has not escaped the attention of the people. Needless to say, guilty of all seen it with his terrible Godunov (according to public opinion) and the sins of the royal rating fell to a lower limit.

Borisov government obviously was not pleasing to God, and therefore, the population twenty provinces with a clear conscience have taken part in the uprising Cotton (1603-1604gg.). Cotton defeated and executed – and here the news that the Tsarevich Dmitry alive and moving with his army to Moscow. The king understands that whoever this man was, he – contender for the throne, if only because of the hatred felt by the people to their present king. And that means death and Boris himself, and his family. And although the army will be divided into the Pretender in January 1605 and back down to Putivl, Boris Godunov is not recovered from the collapsed on him trouble and died April 13, 1605 (conspiracy theorists of the time will tell – poisoned, unable to bear the pangs of conscience). His son for a short time become a king, but it will be poisoned with his mother, beloved daughter Xenia, who only a few years ago, intended to become a Swedish princess, becomes a concubine vpuschennogo boyars in Moscow, Dmitrii.