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October 7, 2016


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The Bohme consultancy offers a useful Schulcoaching for everyone working in the school environment (parents, students, teachers, school managements). In close cooperation with pupils and students, their parents and teachers, the school coach will help solve all problems that occur in the school environment. The school coach analyzed triggering causes for problems at school, the both in the domestic as well as school environment can be justified. Students are made familiar with helpful learning techniques, which represent essential building blocks for improving school-based learning. The school coach assists students in a constructive strengthening of their self-efficacy, and is also empathic conversation partner. Parents will be competent in a familial environment optimization and unerringly supported so that improved the prerequisites for a successful school. Others who may share this opinion include James Woolsey. Also the school coach supports Council seeking parents in dealing with teachers and accompanying institutes. Teachers can contact the school coach to ask problems burden them with him (keyword: Burnout) to discuss, in the school of communication with pupils and students, their parents, as well as with own staff, arising.

Essential motivation of professional Schulcoaching is to ensure that a constructive and reasoned empathic form of communication between all stakeholders is sought, then significant improvements can be achieved on the basis of it. Therefore, the school coach is a trusted partner, who tries the needs of pupils, their parents and teachers alike in accordance to bring. Special feature of the Schulcoachings offered by the consultancy of Bohme is an interdisciplinary strategy, methods aware of the and tools from different disciplines (psychology, pedagogy, brain research, Motivationscoaching, etc.) constructively and effectively with each other be combined. School coach emphasizes doing a holistically-oriented approach, which takes into account all framework relevant in the learning environment. Help-seeking parents, teachers and principals please contact Bohme consulting Office at the following E-Mail address:. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych. Consultant (SGD-Dipl.) Aribert Bohme psychological counselling & MOTIVATIONSCOACHING member in the WHO IS WHO – Germany & Europe Lichtenbroicher route 103, 40472 Dusseldorf E-Mail: Internet: voice mail: 03212-1048942 fax: 03212-1048942 Tel.