January 1, 2021


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Bright and spacious, looks like the ideal apartment for the majority of the Germans. Under the roof, the conditions are ideal. You live here in the truest sense of the word “highest” level. Exposed beams and large Windows give the rooms under the roof its special flair. Long frowned upon, the unconventional “oblique” cutting is considered design extra, which can be used many ways as experts of, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing point out.

As a bedroom, children or work rooms -, a constructed roof space offers a number of clever uses. Under the draft, it sleeps almost as nice as in a four-poster bed. No wonder, after all, Moon and stars are here to the access close. Every night, modern residential skylights share views on passing clouds, dancing snowflakes and sparkling star images. And the best place for the morning sunrise is also included. Better prospects than by up here are hardly from the bed possible.

Far away from the noisy hustle and bustle on the streets as the necessary rest is sure one under the draft. Through the tilted roof residential window regularly fresh air pours in it and ensures a pleasant room climate. In the summer months, outdoor awnings also prevent an unpleasant heat up the private oasis of tranquillity. Also the young appreciate a private empire under the roof to play and Frolic. Somewhat restricted freedom of movement under the draft not bother children doing at all. On the contrary, here feels the young rescued and can unfold freely. Toys lying around or loud screams disturb hardly in the outlying attic. Thanks to large residential skylights, that discretion to tape or light bands connect to valuable sunlight can stream in. A safe secure fixing device, which prevents that the window is fully open or close is essential. A good shading is also makes sense, so the little to warm Days can enjoy a pleasant NAPs. But a constructed loft is ideally suited not only to play and sleep, but can also be used as home office perfectly. Because apart from the rest of the House, the attic, the necessary rest for concentrated work is up here guaranteed. Modern residential skylights provide also the necessary light, whereas in the draft, fitted shelves provide valuable storage space for files and books. Thanks to modern insulation materials, a pleasant working climate there is also all year round. And after work is done just a few steps away one well-deserved after work in the family. For more ideas, image galleries, and planning tools for roof construction, roof construction and roof forms see: roof/attic /