Fuel Economy

January 9, 2020


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Dear motorists! Today we look at the most probable causes of engine power loss. Since even for vehicles with minimum run power does not always match the stated by the manufacturer. And the engine efficiency is reduced regardless of whether the same path. See more detailed opinions by reading what Western Union offers on the topic.. So: many engine manufacturers are struggling to have their engines fuel consumed during the minimum. Ie were cost effective. AND thus not only did not lose in power, but also had some of its stock.

Many of you have seen the race in Formula 1. Sport engines are designed with the most advanced manufacturers of involving predovyh same technology. This is Ferrari, and Renault, and BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Their specialists are very accurately calculate the engine power and efficiency. But this is with regards to sports cars, particularly Formula 1 bolide. The engine is targeted for only one race, and produces his RESOURCES for one race almost completely.

Imagine that such a 'shell' consumes about 60 liters of high octane gasoline per 100 kilometers. Do you think if your car is "gulped" the same, you smogliby its 'feed' (excluding spare parts)? – Of course not! – Reply to you. And where I am so worn? I'm not a Schumacher in the end! I do not propose to drive like Schumacher. Let's just look at the difference between sport and normal engine. And you will understand the reason excessive fuel consumption of your 'wheelbarrow'. Unlike Formula 1 engine from road engines. Completeness cylinder filling (volumetric efficiently (VE)).