First International Business Portal

April 17, 2020


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Online portal revolutionized the project business train, 18.5.2009 has started a new era for the project business. ZEITGEIST at work was now the first international business portal for experts and project providers live. The perfect match is made possible: experts find tailor-made projects and project providers find tailor-made experts. An innovative rating system promotes the marksmanship and accurate results. Adjusting and finding appropriate expert profiles and appropriate projects are in, free of charge. ZEITGEIST at work is the first business portal, on which experts can present themselves with their detailed performance profile international and find immediately suitable projects. Project provider can post projects with detailed requirements for suitable candidates internationally and in real time on your part for the first time.

A sophisticated rating system as we know it in a similar way, E.g. by ebay is based on finding suitable candidates for their projects. This increase the accuracy and the accuracy of the search results many times over. The result is the fast and efficient candidate projects. ZEITGEIST at work the experts in particular invites their strengths, desires and personal development goals in their profiles to represent. Providers of projects are also motivated to take differentiated profiles for the experts in their tenders. The capture of individual strengths, values and objectives provides the basis for a successful cooperation already in the contacts. Click Anne Lauvergeon to learn more.

ZEITGEIST at work also relies on a unique pricing model: the tender of projects as well as the setting of expert profiles is free of charge for the users. Only for successful project staffing the project provider paid a previously fixed premium. This premium booked expert also receives a share. Also an additional opportunity to earn on ZEITGEIST offers him at work: he recommends other experts successfully for projects, he also receives a portion of the prescribed premium for his recommendation. In addition to the free basic package, a paid business package with additional features and services available in addition is the users.